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Stub stub stub

I can now have the grapes !

Nom nom nom

(I know this references something but I don’t know what, can someone shed light on this please)


The duck joke about a duck going to a hardware store and asking for grapes


@Orsome Do you understand this???


I’ve been framed, I would never do such a thing


it’s a lemonade stand. A LEMONADE STAND

@demonseye google the duck song


I’ve always heard it as a hardware store


“My little wizard puppet…Will you be my friend…?”


Sad puppet master and sad puppet


Happy Halloween, Realmers.



Best way to keep away the monsters of the night is with the light.
Unless its a strobe light.


Reminds me of:



Yeah, that’s about me at parties. :sweat_smile:


Looking cool, Ducksome!

For some reason, I could see Xaklor doing that. I like it.


Oh my goodness, Shatter! Less taquila or whatever you’re on.


Oh, thou great Cube adept, please draw the Cube and its cleric and deacon guarding the nexus.


I’m pretty new to the forums so don’t make fun of me but I only know you, bookwyrm, orsome, and shatter in that picture

EDIT: for some reason I thought xaklor was a person wearing a pirate hat at first glance


Most of the people there are actually characters for my comic. Some of them have not yet been introduced, so in truth, no one can recognize them for now.

EDIT: Also, the guy in the Hershey Kiss is Koko from Candied Realms (Campfires was originally the one to come up with the costume over on Discord), and the girl with the white cap is Rhea from Craftable’s comics.


Imagine characters from the Realm


The Realm has to actually be an existing comic first


Contractually obliged not to bring this up, but 2 pages are done, waiting on the rest of the intro first at the request of the artist.


Also wilhuff : Immediately brings it up



@Orsome :heart:

Somebody said that a lot of Polish people have dark blond hair and blue eyes. I don’t know how true that is, but I kinda wanted to draw you IRL.
Watch him actually be a black-haired, brown-eyed, bearded man with rippling muscles. I will literally delete this post.