Gamma's Take on PPE


Decided to post these to let people know that my PPEs are still not dead.

I also had a Knight that got a Bulwark and Cutlass. Maybe I’ll post that later.



Just so we’re on the same page, Deca…my Knight PPE is over.

Least I can finish the quest, though…

…only to get bamboozled again.


Donated my Exa HP to a friend.

Confused at El Dorado and stuck in red zone. Nexused, but character wasn’t found. Funniest way to die. The end.

Next PPE?

  • Rogue
  • Wizard
  • Warrior
  • Knight
  • Mystic
  • Trickster
  • Ninja

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I recall starting and quitting the Bulwark Challenge. I’ll be doing that as soon as I reach Yellow Star. Just 5 more stars.


ninja time (: we voted


Big mistake, @Twitchystr


I cri…


Tried Ninja a couple times. Other than the Tenne, these two were the only things I managed to get:

Chances are, Ninja’s gonna be one of the classes I don’t reach 800 Fame on for a while. I lied, it isn’t my specialty. I keep running into shotguns. :sob:

Not sure how much you guys expected, but hopefully it wasn’t too much because I’m skipping to the next popular option – the Mystic. It’s already started off well. EZ god-farming to Level 20. I literally stood alone in one small area and slowly dragged godwalls around.


Genuinely wanted this for my Trickster.


I think I have too many Leather Armors at this point.


Ninja DOES take practise, just gotta learn behaviours of the enemies, and certain safe[r]spots. Just play like you would melee, and circle.


After countless failed attempts with the Trickster, I decided to take it easy and boot up a Wizard. Finally started to get into the PPE rhythm once more…

Equipment Screenshots

Got this for the first time:


Easy Mad Lab Robe:

First Mad Lab for that character, too.

Just noticed how bad of a HP/MP roll I got.

Turned in an epic quest, but I won’t be opening the chest, since I’m saving them up.


I died on the last Wizard in the Shatters. My mind wandered off during the stone pillar stream phase and somehow walked right into the shots. Basically the lamest death ever.

But…my new Wizard PPE’s looking better off, so I guess it’s fine.

Another Lab Robe:

You’ll see I have a Conducting Wand in the screenshot below. I have a screenshot of getting it, but it wouldn’t upload for some reason.

Easy T9 Staff…

…and easy T4 HP…


You’re probably confused as to why I don’t have a robe anymore.


So lemme explain without sounding too pathetic.

I was in a Thicket in the El Dorado fight when I got a Shroud. It’s a bad robe with almost no practicality, but for some reason, I desperately wanted it. It was during the fight and the bag was almost blinking, so I rushed over, took the robe, and quickly Nexused because I was about to take a shotgun…

No harm, right? Sure, if I didn’t replace my Lab Robe in the process.

Smallest brain moment.
Gonna try grinding more Labs to get the robe again…without armor xD


Definitely better than no armor at all:

Game: “Want a Conducting Wand?”

Thanks, game, but I was looking for some Expos for my other characters…

Game: “Here, take these Claws.”

Nice gesture, but really, I need an Expo.

Game: “Why don’t you get this Robe?”

Good upgrade for my Robe, but just an Expo, please…

Game: “Do you need another Robe?”


Just how hard is it to get an Expo…


1 condu 1 fulmi 2 expo 1 scepter 0 robes


Yo I do hope to get a tlatoani’s shroud someday, I got some builds I wanna try with it. Unfortunately I can’t manage to stay at El Dorado long enough.

And good luck finding that expo!


At long last…an upgrade for my Spell! Not sure how I managed the game with a T0.

EXPOOOOO! It is now in my possession.

5 whites and 1 Expo in just 16 Labs.

Decided to solo LOD. Chickened out at Nikao later on, but you’ll see in the minimap that I successfully completed Feargus and Pyrr. (Pyrr was much easier than I thought, but I forgot that he jumps on you twice in total, so I let my guard down at the middle and almost got popped…)

And how did I not mention my epic stat roll?


Would’ve been great if I didn’t get the Mad Robe, but still nice.

Same Shatters. We just screwed up everything together.
Not enough DPS, pushed the Archmage to rage…Bringing two Priests and no proper character, what were we thinking?

RIP Prismriver, died by (what else?) an Ice Sphere.

No reaction for this one. I think I was just shocked at my first Sewers white. Great surprise, though, and I’m surprised I didn’t DC at it since my internet’s been crap today. 0.01 MBPS upload speed, not even joking.