Generations of Rotmg players


if u remember original release and died to swatsec u old money


You’re a boomer if you played when you could be 6/6 or 7/7 instead of 8/8.


You’re a boomer if you had admin sword and crown
A different rotmg boomer


I’m from 2013, I remember trading an hp pot for a life pot in nexus lul.
I then traded the life for a sky splitter.

Early Kabam era.


ok rotmg boomer
Yes I know, I’m still alive


From 2013, my cousin tricked me by giving 1 def for a Dbow.


wrong place


I joined in 2012, in Wildshadow (just about), but then stopped playing in early 2013, skipped basically the whole Kabam era and then came back in Deca and was like lol whats the shatters. What generation is that?


Comatose generation.


Ah yes, my favorite generation. I think… Can’t really remember.


I don’t like applying the generations meme to realm. Frankly, I’m a bit tired of the meme as a concept, should’ve stayed in 2019.

I’m from the “Lost Generation” as you put it, but I’ve been playing since then, with only a handful of breaks.
My first account was hacked, most likely because I was a child and had no semblance of internet security. I think my passwords back in the day were ‘sciencerocks’ or something of that sort. After taking a break, I joined the game again-

Wait this feels too familiar. I’ve already written this out of the forums… somewhere…