Giveaway of some type [Closed]



If i’m not on his timezone i get nothing ? It’s timezones discrimination !


I am in USE, so when he says like 7 PST, thats 10 for me, and I am finishing my hw and/or getting to bed; not realming


I should be able to claim today and tomorrow, if you’ll be on at all


I should be available to claim from now until about 2 hrs 45mins from now, if you’re on


damn. This is kind of hard to communicate with via forum and I would appreciate if we could use discord :slight_smile:


Damn. Marvin is never here when i’m on. rip


I was on at the exact time he said to pick it up and I still didn’t catch him. ;(


lmao this is dead but i still need to claim my prizes me !

@Marvin when are you playing ?


well, this kinda sucks


lmao I am soooo late, but am I too late?


If you think that you can be online when marvin is you’re wrong.


@marvin are u dead ? i WaNt tHe dEcA


uh, I think the claim time has long since passed


Yeah I don’t think he checks forums anymore… or plays at any normal times. If you want to meet him, show up at 1-5 AM


No deca for u :frowning:


holy fuck dude