Giving some tops for viewwssss (GIVEAWAY)


Okay. So my vault chests are full so im just gonna give away
2 hydras
1 acclaim
1 gsorc
1 ubdex
Ok. So the first person to answer this question correctly wins. What is Owen’s favorite video game.
Now start guessing the person who gets it right first gets the top. And of course, the video game will not be obvious at all! Good luck! I might give hints if this gets ridiculous. BTW you must say the whole name of the game. So don’t just say like Mario HAHAHA that counts everything!! XDXDXD
The more views I get, the more i might add in :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve passed 100 views so a receptor of storms is now added. No one has gotten the answer yet





If I had an actual guess, it’d be something really fucking weird like Sonic Mania


Hi there, here’s a thread I thought you might want to check out


wait but this is a giveaway :frowning:


wait waaaa…

im confused


theres stuff close to something on there


nah i’m telling him to go post in it.


Minecraft (i see what ur playing on discord)




geometry dash
mario superbros or whatever it is


What the actual fuuuu


i dont play those kind of games…


Roblox. Otherwise its not pc


^^ maybe


Street fighter


world of tanks blitz


Is it a mainstream game?

Edit: Is it battletoads?


Your favorite game is Contra 3.


the game is competitive (bad hints)