Gotgot's rage quit thread (PPE)


Alright, so after the recent death of two of my characters due to lag, one that most likely would have been five stars if I had reloaded the game earlier and gained the fame bonuses I had just earned, I decided to make a PPE thread. I’ll update it once or twice a week. So… here we go!

So, interestingly enough, I maxed speed in two dungeons, as the first had four trooms, then I took the mark to the tinkerer, so yeah. Speedily maxing speed. Lets hope it doesn’t take a lifetime to max life. Alright, fine ill stop the bad jokes. But I do think that I’ll need to think long and hard in order to gain enough wisdom to max. Okay, I agree now, that’s enough.

… literally first one done.

New Dungeons Complete

  • Manor of Immortals
  • Cave of a Thousand Treasures
  • Mountain Temple
  • Pirate Cave
  • Snake Pit
  • Sprite World


I’ll be watching you ppe peeps. These are typically mildly entertaining to watch.



Huh. three down, one to go.




my rogue is starting to be pretty decent.


2k death fame!!!


wait what thats poggers


Yeah, but I just lost one, and it seems that for me, that is one the most common st’s


2/8, and getting close on everything else. Maybe soon enough I can actually get into an O3 and do those too.


Ah yes, the demon froge. 1000 fp.


I thought you liked all demon skins?


I do. But I have already one.


Keep an extra in your vault to stare at the demony goodness every day.


I believe it was only 500, maybe got nerfed during the feed power change? IDK now, as I used it.


It’s 500 since it was a thing iirc (like the tomb snake)


Went on a pot grind this morning.

Edit: not loot, but its only the second time that I can think of where I dealt the killing blow on an event.


Ah yes, pet food. (this is actually the first white/st that I have ever fed to my pet)

ah yes, the second white in the feed to my pet category.

Just thought this was kind of worthy, went through left.

So, I got the mark (tcave) on my priest just opened on rogue for the loot drop, so I’m counting these as ppe included.

my priest currently

Dungeons Complete (according to the in game tracker)

  • 6 Abyss of Demons
  • 3 Cave of a Thousand Treasures
  • 1 Cnidarian Reef
  • 18 Cursed Library
  • 4 Davy Jones’s Locker
  • 2 Deadwater Docks
  • 1 Forbidden Jungle
  • 1 Ice Cave
  • 3 Mad Lab
  • 3 Magic Woods
  • 1 Manor of Immortals
  • 3 Mountain Temple
  • 7 Ocean Trench
  • 1 Parasite Chambers
  • Pirate Cave
  • 2 Puppet Master’s Encore
  • 3 Snake Pit
  • 32 Sprite World
  • 5 Toxic Sewers
  • 6 Undead Lairs
  • 3 Wood Labyrinth

I know, I know, I need to do a tomb.
Oh yeah, and probably around 20 O1 and O2, I’ve done a lot (for me) on this character.


Maxed mana (from chest)

nice, one down.

OOHHH! I’ve wanted a real one of these for a while. One of the best looking shields imo.

8/8! (got last life from chest again)

I mean, I got the marks on my ppe, just nothing necessary relating to it.


I swear, there are some white bags that are less rare then this.

nice, nice.


First time I’ve seen a rune dropped in a bag on picture! Even though I know it happens, that’s really cool.


2000+ base fame! rip gotgot the 69 star.

Would’ve rathered the robe or heavy, but nice still.

So, I’ve been having problems with maximum inventory slots. I’ve had to leave so many things behind, do you guys thing its breaking the ppe to take a backpack from my gift chests? (note, I haven’t gotten one through that sense making this ppe) I don’t remember how to make a poll, so if either someone would be kind enough to make one, or you guys can just respond.

  • Backpacks don’t violate the ppe code
  • Backpacks completely violate the ppe code

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