Gotgot's rage quit thread (PPE)


I haven’t gone and formally made a ppe yet (though I’ve had multiple characters that could potentially qualify as such), but I’ve never viewed having a backpack as being a threat to ppe status. You’re just able to lug around more loot you’d want to stash without making as many trips back and forth.

If people are worried about you being able to store more swap-out equipment (if you’re that kind of guy), then you could always limit yourself when that arises! But I’m curious to see what others think. I’m guaranteed to be out of the loop with the nitty grittit’s of the “rules” (whoever made them, anyway? Or was it a group of people with a general idea that bickered to some sort of a consensus?)


Why you no Boots on the Ground ;( ?


I personally don’t care for the boots on ground bonus. Why waste time running across the island after every single time you run a dungeon unless you’re incredibly fast, like a ninja or rogue? I get that the fame bonus is intense, but it seems like you would make up for it with the time spent fighting for fame with all those other bonuses, like thirsty as another heavy hitter


I’m the same
Especially, because often, I have other things open in addition to realm. I usually alt tab between them, and this way its less likely of me missing anything. Maybe if I make a ninja PPE someday. Probably not though, as I made this because I got tired of putting good items on classes I don’t have 5 stars on and loosing them, so this thread will probably die after I lose all my ppes and have five stars on all classes.


If I’m going to be honest, I may have just a few more stars to white (should be easy, even though I’m not cheesing it), but once that passes, something I’ve always wanted to do before I even knew of IC/OoC is to be a part of a group of people dedicated to closing the realm petless the entire way from L0 up. Not that everyone needs to be ppe, but to keep the trading within the realm runners. The pots you all collect would be harvested from the realm and the dungeons everyone can squeeze in, and once Oryx hits, go survive with what you all have. And O2, is an inc was found.

Sorry for the mini wall of text. Basically, I wish for a group of players that will play similar to the ancient days of this game with me in some forsaken realm (of course assuming the risk of crashers, but that can’t be helped).


That sounds really cool and fun, and I honestly would like to try and do that sometime.


I have done several solo realm clears, and that is a fun challenge, but it would be awesome to do this level 1 challenge realm! Hit me up on discord (Furyborn#3515) and we could do that! Could be extremely hard depending on what events end up spawning, but still would be a ton of fun.


Been there, done solo Realm closing minus O2 (because doing O2 by myself would probably just waste my time; I do those for the Oryx kill bonus).

Ah, I’ll remember to mention it to you when any event like that is being attempted to organize. I’m still getting my white star, finally resisting my apathy towards accomplishing such and completing that. I’m fairly close.

Lastly, I would… definitely love to organize such an event, but I’d need to put a lot of work into gathering people up and creating a Discord, etc., such feats of prowess that I’m but a fledgling with (although, now that I think of it, I could just create one, advertise over time organize informal events… hmm).

The question is, should I wait for IC/OoC, or just jump the gun? As I just stated above, I’m trying to cap off my stars, but it could take time to gather people… gah, so many logistics flooding into my head now! Any suggestions would help. O.o

Edit: Also, I may want to move this to another thread, sorry @Gotgot

Edit 2 (final edit): Ok, I was taking with talking with someone else. I have more of a plan, but I’m going to wait until one of my characters die first. I’ll make a separate thread to announce when I make a Discord channel :slight_smile:


Alrighty, so I swallowed a backpack onto my priest. (am I the only one who says weird things like that about items marked consumable?)

Heck yeah, ill take that!
Not much this time, but I just about have the 4mil fame bonus, and am almost half way to doer of deeds.


Very nice! That is the last piece I need to complete that set. If I had 2 rings, I would have 2 sets :\


Alright, so I hit the 4mil tile fame bonus.

This is probably one of my favorite robes.

WHY!?!! All I need is a CWand. Really don’t need this, as my knight has swap outs galore, and the rapier is better.

Just spent a while testing it on my knight, and I’m already in love with the new white.

Edit: nvm

Got the glorious plant juice too.

All in all, I think the ancient ruins is pretty nice. Items don’t seem all that rare, I think every one I’ve gone in, someone’s gotten a white, and the athstetic is quite beautiful. The loots not bad, but I probably am done doing these for a while, as of the difficulty finding and the chance that I’m going to get wis/dex/spd, which I just don’t need and don’t have vault room for right now.


another rapier.

Once more, something I got marks on my priest for, so its going on my priest. Not sure how I feel about it as an item still though.


10k death fame!

Nice. Never really looked at it before, but Its like a alternative Resu for knight.

Lol. I never, ever, ever get anything for OT when I want to go in. Went in after my friend, not wanting to go, and gets white.


Give me that reinforced root armor.


Not a double white, bout double bag. Looks nice.

I don’t know how I feel about this.

meh. Have way too many already. Haven’t even gotten the reskin out of its chest yet.

Priest died. Forgot to get screenshot, and exalt is still buggy with viewing past character deaths. Got 11,536 fame. Was duoing a nest with a wizard, and got silenced without realizing it, then pelted with bullets. It was the last phase to. Ill let this thread go for a little while, as I am using my white bags/STs on a mystic to better get a quick 2k and never play that class again. (I don’t hate mystic, I just don’t find it fun to play.)


so, after loosing three characters in the last few days, I decided to make another ppe. As I have only 4 more stars to go, and I have three of those characters already, then I was left with mystic.


So… After an innumerable number of deaths, I have PPE’s again! My main problem with the last one in the feeling that if I ever played another character, that I would get something my PPE needed, so I am adding a bit of variety and doing DUO PPE’S!!!

My mystic, believe it or not, this is the best roll I have had in the last seven characters.

And, the assassin, what I would give to have my previous one back…
Don’t worry, the halls was just for those last few levels, I didn’t stay to be obliterated.


I mean, I guess that’s nice for my mystic.

…I don’t know how to feel about getting this.

Would have preferred the robe, but nice still.


That was pleasantly surprising.

Oh! I know its bad, but its my first one.

Nice. Never really got to use my other two of them.

Me: Meh, looks bad. Time to go read what another boring thing I forgot about does.
Also me after a second glace: Oh! Yes, its the good tome that makes the balls!

2k Whoop Whoop! Only 3 more characters to go!

Oh. I mean, its better than nothing, I just wish that the UT exchange would come faster.


2k base fame, t1 poison