Guess the Weekend Chest Event Dungeon [Just for Fun, Prizes Ended]


@Heteraabd You still haven’t given me the life pot from last week.

#124 shaking my head


SRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRy (i will give it to you today i keep forgetting)


i guess u win


Next event: Ice Cave + TOA


no one calls tomb “TOA”


Next event ice cave and wine cellar’


I was feeling lazy… 3 > 4


It’s quite interesting that sprite world never gets a single event (I won’t even consider the mad god and christmas event). Yet, dex is more easy to sell then spd. Even Magic Woods already got a chest event.


I don’t think it needs one. only reason mwoods got an event is because it was a new dungeon.
snake pit hasn’t had a true event either (not one i remeber)


Nest with Beework.

I’m still claiming this, dammit - one day I’ll be right!!!


Snake pit got an event some months ago, I believe. At least, I remmeber getting nothing relevant from chest, haha (only some purple clothes).


Yep, as well as hosting the piñata and the succubus, Snake Pit has had an event chest in two events, can find full details via:"snake%20pit%20drops"%20category%3A37


I never knew that there were actual snake pit events, cool


I will go with Secluded Thicket and Magic Woods/Sprite (probably magic woods).


LoD. It’s been kinda recent, but that’s still my guess.


Ice cave


no thicket event in ages


there will probably be an LoD event when the rework comes out


tomb and ice cave + all glands dungeons -woods