Gun Trio / Skins


Guns in RoTMG should be implemented using an ammo type rather than guns for the pixel work in the weapon slot, this would allow the ability of each class dictate what kind of gameplay will be had. Since there’s so many kinds in real life as well as fantasy it would be easy to make it work since it isn’t like bows and staves where one size fits all (bows shooting arrows/staff casting spells).

It’d also prevent any mixups like having popular weapons (snipers/pistols) having to be their own weapon type like what happened with katanas and swords


Ideas for the armor/leather/robe close/medium/far player types could be with shotguns/pistols/rifles.

I have made a Grenadier/Cowboy/Ghillie for these three types. The guns used (Shotgun/Pistol/Rifle) would be implied by the abilities of each class.

1Grenadier 2Cowboy 3Ghillie


The Grenadier’s Grenade launcher would set the player’s range to that of a dagger at 5.6 tiles while having the shot pattern of a staff, the double energy shot looking thing. The skill would throw a grenade that bounces low in one direction, exploding on the first target hit with a low range wizard bomb effect, unlike assassin/huntress chucking for an area. It also exposes nearby enemies if the grenade doesn’t kill. It’d play at melee distance but instead of getting close for a stun you go in to expose and grenade spam.

Tiered Launchers: Straight flying projectile that explodes for high damage upon contact with an enemy. T3+ exposes damaged enemies for 2/2/3/3/3.5 seconds if at least one other enemy was killed by initial blast.

Ruthven’s Ward UT1: Weaker grenade with armor piercing shots, no expose, cures Confusion on use

Cutie UT2: Bites into orange speedy idk 3 seconds and boost vit or something

Oryx’s Cologne UT3: Launches bottle of cologne towards cursor, enemies hit are cursed, if player is in range (3 tiles) they will be blinded for 1.5 seconds

Anchorage UT4: High damage, no expose, stuns for 2 seconds

Flashbang UT5: Stun/Daze/Slow for 2/3/4 seconds (flashbanged “stunned” for the first 2 seconds, recover a little bit but still dazed and slowed for another second before daze wears off but still slowed for one last second) Grenadier’s oreo I’d think

Archer stats +2 shots +weaker wizbomb but still wizbomb +expose -range -low def for heavy armor
Grenade1x 1GrenadierGrenade2y

The Cowboy’s Holster holds their revolver, which sets the range to the staff’s 8.55 tiles with the simple single shot pattern of a dagger, as well as a 6 shot burst like how the B.O.W. has one. Also has a burst delay of a minimum 0.4 seconds. With a self berserk, enemy slow on cursor and a self slow to help land shots better (mostly to make it feel like a duel).

Holsters activate Fanfire and Quickdraw mode but also Focus
Fanfire: Grants Berserk for 2.5s(t0-3) 3.5s(t4-5) 4s(t6-7)
Quickdraw: Halves reload time (burst delay) for 4 bursts
Focus: Slowed for one burst or 2 seconds

Tiered Holsters: All give Focus and have a default burst delay of 0.8 seconds (shrinks from 5+)
(0-3 have Fanfire) (4-6 have Fanfire/Quickdraw) (6-7 cast slow for 3/4 seconds on cursor 3 tiles wide)
Reload time with Quickdraw active (t4, 0.4s) (t5, 0.4s) (t6, 0.3s) (t7, 0.2s)

Sourcepack UT1: Spawns an 8x8 pink/black colored square on location, despawns after cooldown (3 seconds)
(fool’s prism but with Garry’s Mod missing texture)

Icepack UT2: No Fanfire, gives Quickdraw and a fat Frozen Focus (5 seconds) on self but slows on cursor for 4 seconds

Hustler’s Holster UT3: No Fanfire/Focus/Quickdraw, Grants Damaging and Speedy to self for two bursts (or 4 seconds) Cooldown 6 Seconds

Clapper UT4: No Fanfire, grants Focus/Quickdraw, paralyzes enemies on cursor for 3 seconds in a 3 tile wide area

Trickster stats +berserk +range -slowed -burst delay

Cowboy1x 2Cowboy Cowboy2y

The Ghillie’s scope isn’t really too interesting I couldn’t come up with anything that would fit besides a single shot having wand’s range of 9, a much slower fire rate (0.6) and really fast projectile speed which I’m not sure can happen. Scope skill giving Locked (next 3 shots have Armor Pierce) and Loaded (Next 3 shots have Damaging) for the next 6 shots alternating one after the other. Maybe with a far enough range those would be interesting for an off screener with Zoom (x1.1 reskin Inspire that can stack with Bard’s). Don’t know how trash that firing rate would be maybe Armor Pierce and Damaging one after the other for a duration or until you miss? Don’t know if they can do that.

Tiered scopes: Have Locked and Loaded, Zoomed In. Armor Pierce and Damaging for certain number of shots alternating. Zoomed In is self Inspired but only x1.1 but can stack with Bard’s Inspired.

Telescope UT1: Increases range by +1 on equip, Zoomed In on use, no Loaded, has Triple Locked (armor pierce next 3 shots)

Patience UT2: Zoomed In on use, no Locked, has Triple Loaded (damaging next 3 shots)

Guerilla UT3: Locked and Loaded, Zoomed In, Immune to Blinded/Darkness while Zoomed In

Ironsights UT4: (while equipped) -1 range and sets firing rate to .75

Wizard combat stats +range +damaging/pierce skill -actually bad firing rate

Ghillie1x 3Ghillie Ghillie2y

As for the weapon slot for these guys again ammo is the one thing all guns can make use of so it’d be fitting, just a little ammo box with one up close bullet in view which would also be the projectile used.
Don’t know the sweet spot for damage ranges on these maybe really tight to let the classes self buffs do their thing.

Tiered Ammo: Damage range average of all weapons -swords for my first guess, then let Grenadier’s +double shot +grenades / Cowboy’s +attack speed +range / Ghillie’s +armor pierce +damaging +range do their own thing. Probably tight ranges, average w/o Swords 110.2 w/ 130.5
I got bored of dps calculator testing room to figure something out for the bullet damage values

Bullet Bulls UT1: Boomerangs

Darts UT2: Causes Bleeding on enemy

Bubble Blower UT3: Cute bullets that hover towards the cursor (or until range limit) and splash multiple times. (goes through enemies)

Cannonballs UT4: Big balls of iron. (ignores defense)


Or to not deal with bullets they also double as skins for classes in game ehh
Big bulky suit of armor fits knight, cowboy fits ninja’s katana projectile and speedy, sorcerer skill looks like something ricocheting in an instant which fits sniper also it has the single projectile wand
Space Mariner Knight / Cowboy Ninja / Ghillie Suit Sorcerer


Really interesting idea to flip the idea of weapon and ability on it’s head!

There’s “a couple” of problems I see:

  1. Ammo doesn’t really seem to be set for an iconic equipment. Maybe make the ammo box more detailed/ sprited, probably make the clips way more wacky, with the bullet themselves being more detailed? Of course, spriting is probably not your best skill, but UTs 2-4 look like sprinkled muffins.
  2. Another thing is the existence of archer, and just bow classes in general. Archers have their quivers in their ability spot, and the quivers don’t really affect the shots of the bow. Yeah you could make a class that upends the normal, but the weapon slot is usually reserved for weapons classes hold and use. Huntress and Bard don’t even have arrows, yet they can shoot their bows.
  3. There’s no actual gun sprite for these classes. The closest possible thing to that is the gun holster, but no guns :frowning:
  4. The ghillie and the grenadier seem really, REALLY modern for a game like RotMG. People always say: “Mad lab is really advanced, so surely guns exist!”, but even then having grenade launchers and high tech scopes as normal tiered equipment is a long stretch from the sci fi stuff.
  5. Feels like it’s gonna be incredibly difficult to correctly balance the synergy between ammo and ability. This is probably the first class if it get implemented where the weapon and ability directly affects each other.


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