Hacker free lh discord [S L G]


If you wanna join a hacker-free Lost Halls discord, there you go:

Discord rules 1: Refrain from toxicity. This discord is not a platform for radical opinions, drama, elitism, racism, comparable. 2: Do not spam. This includes advertising your youtube or other social media. 3: Do not post/discuss NSFW content. Keep this to your private discords. 4: Do not post spoilers. SNAPE KILLS DUMBLEDORE ON PAGE 596! 5: Respect other member. Realize everyone is a human-being, treat others the way you want to be treated. 6: Don’t exclude people cuz of their past. Everyone deserves a second chance. Sometimes its not easy to forgive, and you don’t have to be best friends with everyone. 7: Do not discuss anything that’s against Deca’s ToS. If you want to report someone, head over to #reports. 8: Do not discuss/critizise Deca’s decisions. In general, just use common sense and you will be fine. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t say in a room full of people. These rules aren’t perfect, just because something isn’t explicitly forbidden here, doesn’t mean it’s allowed. Breaking rules might result in getting muted or banned. Every case will be judged separately by our mods. If you got muted and think you redeemed yourself, contact one of our mods.

In-game rules 1: WE DO NOT TOLERATE HACKING/CHEATING/EXPLOITING. Follow ToS. No discussion. 2: We will actively check for hacks during runs. Failing one of these checks will result in getting banned. Not reacting/cooperating equals getting caught hacking. 3: To join our runs you need the Raider role. Head over to #registration for instruction on how to acquire this role. 4: Your in-game name should match your discord name. If you changed your name, message one of our mods and he will change it for you! 5: Listen to raid leader throughout the run. Raid leader make mistakes too, but during a run there is no time to discuss those. Listening requires being physically able to hear them, no deafing/etc. 6: Do not hurt the group. The definition of this changes as time goes on, but one example would be to drag crusades. Raid leaders will give you instructions what to do. 7: All Characters you bring to runs should atleast be maxed SPD and DEX and have decent gear. Try to add to the run, not leech off of others. 8: Don’t leak the location of our runs to the outside. 9: Do not fake-react to afk-checks to get the location. Again, breaking these rules might result in punishment and every case will be judged separately. Recording our runs will help us make the right decision.


Moved to #community-hub player events since that’s where it should go.

Get an Omni for me!


image already have one


Why do you do this?


I hope Deca, after the Unity port being complete, starts solving all hack problem. This is crucial to be solved, if we want new and old players to com to the game.


After looking into the server, it seems like OP might not be affiliated with the staff and that the server might actually be legit


im not in the discord im not even verified yet


Server admins aren’t banning for past proof no matter the person.

Source: Sebbylaw is unbanned in there, so is discordhvi


Fair enough


This is pretty ironic, coming from a known hacker. I actually highly doubt this is hacker free now.


go check it


There have been like 40 replies about this deleted from the thread, so please don’t restart the debate. OP is not veryified in the discord and they seems to be honest, but rather lax about not wanting hackers.


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