HavinFun is recruiting ! (Europe based guild)


We are a guild concentrated on talking and sharing, playing together and of course having fun :smiley:
Even if you are bad or new at the game we can help you by maxing, or giving tips, we have some experienced players. :wink:

You only need to know the basics to join the guild, no oryx 3 or items required, and if you need help just ask in chat
Main language is English of course.
No requirements for the characters or the vault.
As i said before knowing the basics of the game is the only thing we ask for.
The current use of a cheater/hacked client or a third party client is prohibited.
Mainly Europe based guild
At least playing each 10 days or will get kicked for inactivity
Being Active on both discord and in game is the only thing needed.
How to apply:
If you want to join the guild get to this discord to get an appointment and maybe join the guild.
See you in game gamers :slight_smile: