Having a problem in Davy Jones’ locker


As I’m writing this I’m in a DJL and I cannot beat it. Ive collected 3 keys and I’m just missing the last one but it’s not here. I’ve double and triple checked every room and it’s just not here. I’ve done a treasure room and there’s still 4 yellow doors but no red door to find the yellow key!
Is this a rare one off thing or has it happened to others before?


I don’t mean to sound like your mother but,

“Are you sure you looked everywhere?”


This isn’t a bug. It’s possible that someone opened a door with the last key in it and no one else looked inside because it was already open. Otherwise, it’s impossible for any of the keys to be missing at all. This would be like accidentally pressing your Escape to Nexus hotkey and calling it a bug.


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