Her is recruiting! LGBT+ and beginner friendly guild


:sparkling_heart: Her :sparkling_heart:
:sparkles: Gaslight, Gatekeep, Girlboss! :sparkles:


We are an LGBTQ+ friendly, anti-hack, and anti-crash guild.

About us!

We strive to be friendly and non-toxic to all players! This guild was created to be a safe,
welcoming place to everyone. We are very beginner friendly, and players of any skill level are welcome, so whether you’re brand new or doing endgame content, we have a home for you! We’re also very active both in-game and in the server, and host movie nights, game nights, and are usually hanging out in voice chat!

Are there any requirements?

  • Be active
    – We like our players to be generally active in the game. If you are inactive for more than 7 days we will reach out to you to check up on your situation.
  • Don’t be toxic
    – As long as you aren’t actively going out of your way to hurt other people, as well as respecting others then you’re chillin
  • Don’t do anything against DECA Tos
    – As said before we are an anti-hack guild so we will not tolerate any form of hacking or cheating.
  • Don’t crash runs
    – We want to stay in good standing with all the raiding discords and other guilds. Just make sure that you are respectful towards them and don’t crash their runs.
  • Be 16+
    – We prefer our members to be 16+

How can I join? it’s super easy! We currently have a discord you can join right here at discord.gg/gaslight. From there just reach out to one of our staff members, including me, Lia (Thalia#0357), and you will be on your way to joining our guild! If you just want to join the discord server and make some friends then feel free, we are very welcoming :heart:.

:cherry_blossom: Our wonderful Staff! :cherry_blossom:

  • Founders
    – Lia (Thalia#0357)
    – ASMR (ZeRo#5619)
  • Leaders
    – Leksh (theKevin#9096)
    – emi (emilia#0001)
    – LunaLana (Luna Lana#6873)
  • Officers
    – Kuroaitou (Kuroaitou#6537)
    –Cuteweed (Anime waifu 18#9638)


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