Hero of the Nexus is currently not working


As the title states, I have completed every standard dungeon on one character and the fame bonus has not been achieved for me.

These are the dungeons listed for the bonus with proof of completion, proving that it is not working as intended.
Pirate Cave
Forest Maze
Spider Den
Snake Pit
Forbidden Jungle
The Hive
Ancient Ruins
Magic Woods
Sprite World
Candyland Hunting Grounds
Cave Of A Thousand Treasures
Undead Lair
Abyss Of Demons
Manor Of The Immortals
Puppet Masters Theatre
Toxic Sewers
Cursed Library
Haunted Cemetery
Mad Lab
Parasite Chambers
Davy Jones’ Locker
Mountain Temples
Lair Of Draconis
Deadwater Docks
Woodland Labyrinth
Crawling Depths
Ocean Trench
Ice Cave
Tomb Of The Ancients
Fungal Cavern
Crystal Cavern
The Nest
The Shatters
Lost Hall
Cultist Hideout
The Void
Oryx’s Castle
Lair Of Shaitan
Puppet Masters Encore
Cnidarian Reef
Secluded Thicket
High Tech Terror
Oryx’s Chamber
Wine Cellar
Oryx’s Sanctuary


Rainbow road is a seasonal dungeon, not a standard one.


uhh no?
you think I haven’t tried turning it off and back on again?
I did this several times.


im just gonna send a support ticket


I would expect Untaris to count considering it can be found in the realm regardless of season/event. Not sure what the intended criteria is.


Not sure because completing all the wormholes counts for a separate bonus, far out.


i remember that i had to do 2 ice cave completes for a fame bonus instead of one, so try completing another ice cave


The same could be said for many other dungeons it probably does count.


The wiki is outdated, they added every seasonal dungeon into that fame bonus.

2 Ice Cave thing was fixed, no need for that.