I got scammed


i got scammed by metalo i was selling life for 9 def and i got a lot of offers and he offered me 9 def and 3 dex i got the 8 def and give him the life and then he went to vault and never came back i recorded the trade and messages from him on my phone how do i report him


Sucks to suck.
Make a scammer thread.


This is why you don’t do those multiple-time trades with more than eight items.


They won’t be able to do much if you’re trading multiple trade deals but here’s the thread with the relevant info:



No, don’t make a scammer thread.

Go on RealmEye, mark him as a scammer. It’ll catch up with him eventually.


Also, be sure to flag them as a scanner on their RealmEye page so others who look him up will know he’s not trustworthy.


DECA pls.