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Hey everyone, so I have been in the Realm Community for around 7 years, (Original Account: HeirX) and I have noticed that Realm has lost its spark. There was once something that felt so genuine and fun. Realm never seemed like an endless grind, but unfortunately now, it seems that spark has disappeared. Realm seems like it’s dying, slowly but surely. I have had some ideas from the past few weeks in an attempt to retrieve the spark that was once in RotMG. It is not just me knowing the spark is gone. If we view RotMG on Youtube, not much is happening. GHZD hasn’t uploaded in 10 months, Talwar barely uploads, RaftC hasn’t made much content, and we can forget the old guys (Kalle, BMJ, HenezRS, Jariel, Etc) coming back. I decided to compile all these ideas into one big thread. I have some categories for the ideas I wanted to talk about: Nerfs & Buffs, QoL, Dungeons, P2W (pay to win), Events, and Item Reworks . This list took around 2 hours to make and edit (wanted this to be as enjoyable as possible), so please give me feedback.

Nerfs & Buffs:

Nerf the warrior. The warrior is too strong, and everyone uses it. Makes the game too easy. The damage per second of the warrior makes it disintegrate enemies. Maybe decrease the warriors attack to 60 or 65.

Nerf & buff the knight: Too many enemies are immune to the stun. This was the specialty of the knight. I’d like to see most minions to be able to be stunned. Some harder bosses should be immune, but even easy dungeons like cursed library have lots of stun immune. This also comes with a nerf. I’d like to see knight have a higher mana cost. In exchange for more enemies being able to be stunned, id like a shields cost to be increased to around 110 or 115. Permastun is a bit too overpowered, just nerf it a bit.

Buff the paladin: The paladin isn’t as useful as it used to be. The paladins DPS should be increased a bit to up the user rates. Id recommend a subtle buff like 45 —> 50 dex.


Add all the skins to the character selection menu. Just helps to see all the skins.

Add disabling players. This is an idea that comes from [private server], and it really does help a lot.

Limit Dungeon Players. I really hate seeing Shatters with 200+ people in it. Limit it to 50. This could be difficult if many people join at once. Id recommend have a server ping back the amount of players each time, if the player count is above 50, they kick the people who enter the dungeon latest.Btw 50 is just a base number. Could be changed depending on the dungeon


Make def a higher chance in the abyss. Nobody does them anymore (unless looking for a demon blade)

Make sewers a bit easier, they are far too long and really don’t provide much value.

Change Sprite Worlds grave marking to a 1. Snake pit is a 1 and is probably considered more difficult.


You could pull out a credit card and you basically have everything in the game.

Pretty much everything could be bought, directly or indirectly:

You can directly purchase Tops from the nexus and you can indirectly buy whitebags by buying lots of keys and popping them all in USS.

The Nexus sells STs, Tops, Keys, Pets, Pet food, why not just add UTs while you’re at it?

Just remove Tops from the Nexus (does anyone even purchase these?)

Remove ST Boxes. STs are literally just UTs with a special marking on them. At this point, Deca is selling UTs.

The only things that should be sold in the nexus are: cloths, dyes, skins, pet eggs, and pets.

I choose to keep pets because Deca needs some kind of revenue.


Events are the worst thing that has every happened to Realm. Every weekend Deca ruins the economy for a pot(s), ST(s), or tops. Deca’s weekend events are just money farms for Deca.This was not how Realm was supposed to be played. You shouldn’t be able to sit in USS, enter shatters and get 17 crowns in 2 days. These items are strong and it feels wrong to get them so easily. if you’re going to do events (which are slowly killing RotMG), limit them to GHALL, or VAULT. This means the event chest or event only apply to keys opened in GHALL, VAULT, or if it dropped from an enemy. Life pots are worth 2 def because of Deca’s event. Remember when everyone was spamming in the nexus “Buying Life 1:8 DEF”? Yeah, Deca screwed up.

Item reworks:

STs: Oh my lord, make them all tradable please. If you look in the original idea of Sts on Kabam forums, they were meant as “tradable uts”, now Deca is just messing with us. BTW, change the legacy pixie gear into pixie gear. Just do it. There really was no point in not changing them. Also what was the point in buffing the ST’s??? Deca made it so you only need 2 or 3 to get a buff. Deca also buffed almost all the STs so each individual item was good. The point of STs is that each individual item wouldn’t be great on its own; however, when you put all four pieces. Deca neglected this idea, made every ST overpowered and said “lol you only need 2 or 3 pieces now”

UTs: Not much to say here. UTs are just really common because of events

Tops and “LH Tops”: Boy did Deca screw up this one. Tops are so common now. Only reason tops are going back to their life prices if because Deca made life as common as dex pots. Tops should only be dropped from the following Dungeons: Shatters, Wine Cellar, Lost Halls, The Void, Cultist Hideout. That’s it. LH Tops should be dropped from LH and the Void.

This concludes my list of ideas, please leave feedback for me as this took a long time. I still have some ideas but I am not sure how to put it in words (and make it readable).


If im not wrong knight will not be able to pstun with the vit mod update (not implemented though)


If im not wrong deca decreased def drops(idk if it still drops tho i havent gotten one in years) because there’s a dung that drops def already (toxic sewers)


I think Deca made the st’s SB and low drop rate just for make people waste money in boxes for obtain them, also i agree with the legacy pixie set too, it’s completely unuseful, they just nerfed and changed the sprites of the normal pixie set, and made the new one SB and without a drop location just for make people waste money on them.

This is right, but the part of limit them to vault or ghall is a bit wrong imo, because mostly of the good and active guilds have some stupid reqs like 3 8/8s or something like that, and most of the other guilds wich doesnt have reqs are inactive and most all of the members are people without experience in dungeons. I think it could be better if the people grind the events in realm like the old times, it would be better.

PD: sorry if i have shit grammar ;-;


Realm isn’t dying. Its player count is jagged, few players in the quiet days and many players during events. Its old ways are slightly being lost. But it’s not dying.


Lol some people like Kalle have a life. A family, bills, misc. expenses to pay for in life to be playing games… Can’t blame him. Occasionally he has been spotted from time to time but thats only because he finally has free time :disappointed:. As for GHZD, no idea. He simply got bored of this game or is worrying about his life.

They nerfed paladin’s dex because they increased its defense.

I also agree with the Lh tops. THEY SHOULD ONLY DROP FROM LH OR VOID and no where else. It makes them so much more valuable to get. Flexing purposes and for that extra +1 def etc.

I dont agree with the event key idea. Why would you make it only for Ghall and vault? Not everyone is in a guild that has access to a lot of people nor people who pay for keys :thinking:.

I disagree with your sewers point. First off, they already made it easier than the previous version by making it shorter because it was way longer before. Also, if you have a rogue, I wouldn’t see how this dungeon is hard? In fact, even if you don’t have a rogue you can still semi-rush with a maxed melee. You just need to learn to dodge.

I agree with your nexus shop idea. Selling tops for gold? Lmao… no one even buys that. Even new players know that… Pets, pet food, etc should only be sold there.

I agree with your knight and warrior idea. Pets already make them OP making slight nerfs to both would be excellent.

Wow you think getting crown is easy? Not for some people. Doing shatters in 2 days will not get you 17 crowns… that’s absurd. I participated in the shatters event and only managed to get 1 crown. Not everyone has insanely good luck.

I still don’t understand why they would buff st’s tbh. They were fine the way they were - WORN together!
They didn’t need to buff the individual items…

Overall viewpoint, the new era rotmg has made many people impatient and down right rude.


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