If your were stuck in RotMG what class would you be?


I do agree with rotmg being perverted and not having the most girls. Plus if you die you die also would there be like baby wizards?


We need @GGaodzilla for these kind of matters




Dam but he should have a wizard costume


what has this thread shifted into?


I feel pretty much the same. I hate real life for multiple reasons, and one of the main ones is that you must do what people expect from you. We live in a world of “freedom”, yet we have barely any choices.

On the other hand, as much as other fantasy worlds like the Realms of Oryx are dangerous and weird, you have an absolute liberty on what you want to do. No path to follow, no invisible links to tie you into a life that was decided. The liberty of choice, in a dangerous world. If I was given to choose between now and this, I would not hesitate a second.

That’s one of the reasons why I feel sad when I think about our world. It’s not really depression as people know it, more like a nostalgia of somewhere you’ve never been, and will never be.


It’s interesting the survey in post 12 :arrow_up: shows such a different proportion of classes than what we typically see in-game.

At time of posting, 134 results, and:
robes: Priest 18; Mystic 11; Necromancer 9; Wizard 7; Sorcerer 3
leathers: Archer 15; Rogue 13; Trickster 12; Assassin 5; Ninja 3; Huntress 2
heavys: Paladin 17; Warrior 8; Knight 7; Samurai 4

Very much more like 2012-era style of class mixture, whether down to survivability being more at the forefront of people’s minds, or just that forumers are not representative sample of players, it’s curious either way.


Id probably be ninja cuz i’ve watched recently tensei shitara slime datta ken and Souei looks amazing so i’d probably be like him if i would ever get a chance.


I do think it’s representative. In a world where danger is everywhere and there is no way to come back from death, people seek survivability. That’s what old rotmg was, at the time when there was no pets and way less players to tank shots in groups, and because of that fear of death people naturally have, it’s only logical that they’d go towards such classes.


haha yes bump i wanna be archer and make my peepee big as an eiffel tower so i can frick the world for 72 hours and shoot everything


we all wana be a beach spider


Freeze tag would be lit tbh


The logic is strong with this one


Mystic would probably be the best. Having any issues whatsoever, even with tomb bosses? Bam, they are banished from existence for the next 5 seconds while I get out as fast as I can.


Just a small inquiry, how do think it would feel for us when we ‘pause’ the game (if we even have the ability to do so)?


You can’t move & speak. But you can see, hear, and feel your surrounding.

When paused your body will not aged.


neither will you take damage, apparently.

That makes this OP on a rogue, especially if irl.


I don’t even think we could have the ability to pause. It was meant for people to go afk, something we, uh, can’t do IRL. So I guess since it’s a pure “game” feature (like global chats, /c and other things like that) it shouldn’t be available.

Sounds like the stasis debuff tbh.


Everyone HATES them! Find out how they avoided ageing with one simple trick!


Knight Or Huntress