If your were stuck in RotMG what class would you be?




In real life daggers don’t return to your hand and swords don’t have 3 times your body length.
Same with katanas but 5x
Nor would arrows be infinite
Therefore staves.

wizard op.


But this ain’t real life, it’s RotMG


Imagine you made arrows with mana


I feel like being warped to a game would keep the way it works, even if it doesn’t make sense. Also in that case monsters would be affected the same way, so it would probably balance it out.

But yeah, in the case of a more realistic rotmg universe staves would be quite strong. (except if they consumed mana to work, which would also make sense)


They would take energy and mind power to wield. I also think you would need to train more to use staves and wands than any other weapon in the game.


If this is an Sao type situation then we’ve had years of experience with the class that you chose


True. I guess that if you’re from a certain class the use of abilities and weapons would be natural.

Energy and mind power seem about right. I’m not sure about the need to train more, after all it’s really hard to use a bow or a sword effectively too.


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