[image] [NEW 9/12: Ghost Of Skuld!] Here's some of my RotMG art!


cool af :grinning:


Welcome back @Verticae glad you’re ok!

Your art is amazing! Hope you find time to make more!


Nice one,i love them
It’s so good


Please put watermarks in your images… I want to download them but I’m afraid I will forget where I got them (thus will not be able to provide source)


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@Verticae you alive?




Definitely going on my background man! Keep it up!


Holy shit. This is some amazing art. Seems like you love your glow effects. You use Photoshop?


@Verticae Is there anywhere I’d be able to find a complete collection of all your rotmg artwork?


yes, here


i saw some of these on google images


That would be because google images host every picture on the internet besides the real fucked up stuff.


Oh, is all of it in this thread? Thanks!


This. is fok’n amazing my dude, but i’m a new player and don’t know what dungeon is 5 & 6, could you tell me what actually is that? :3


Dungeon 5 and 6 are the Tomb of the Ancients and the Abyss of Demons, respectively.

@Perfect you could rename them to Verticae_[descriptionOfPicture].png I know I’m a bit late but whatever


but what enemy from abyss of demons is that?


Archdemon Malphas


bump cause quality artwork


y tho