Recruiting for Indie Grind
We are a small guild looking for active players so we can grind end game dungeons and events.

-1 8/8 or proof you can 8/8 (GraveYard)
-17+ in age
=Experience in some end game dungeons or willing to learn and or teach
-Be chill and active as can be

How to join
-Join the discord
-Send message in new recruit with ign
-realmeye public (last seen hidden)
-A leader with get back to as soon as possible

We are just looking for more players that enjoy the game as much as we do to build
a community and run some sick dungeons with (Play alot in USW124 and EU)


Bump. Joined these guys a little bit ago and all I can say is these guys are really chill hope more of you guys join :wink: