Inputting 16+16 into the Inner Workings calculator gets this response from Craig (probably this year's ARG)


Guessing that means the Kingdom stowaway poem, meaning that we use the poem for the cipher is what I think.

We can’t just guess the answers to the poems, we have to construct and use it somehow


Doesn’t this reference Twilight Archmage and Xolotl(Thicket 3rd)


looks like it was just solved, what was the solution?


Here’s the ending of the ARG where something special is announced for motmg!
Will write full steps later on if someone hasnt already.


Also if you say guill i would like to play chess please in ghall he opens a portal to chess


watch minimap to observe me scurrying back from 1st boss area


Here’s the steps from where we left off after everyone being confused from the Cave of Draconis numbers.

These numbers were used as a book cipher on the Kingdom Stowaways 32 lines. What was important was getting the proper order (more or less) of the phrases and matching the roman numeral to each one in order. Once we had a roman numeral attached, we were able to count the number of required letters given and that would give one letter of the code!

To skip all that weirdness your self, the final code was “Relea Xiflis’TOh Wehtev Quantanatipo”. You must say this after killing the Forgotten King in the shatters. Upon doing so the lava bridge will open back up as will the void bridge that leads into the twilight archmage.

Continue on, and enter the area where the first switch was at for actiating archmage (the one will the dirt walls). at the start of that area there’s always been that broken bridge but after saying the code earlier a new path will be created leading you to a chess room.

To get the Shatters rework announcement you must play chess and destroy all the pieces, leaving only a king and queen on one side, and just a king on the other. This is where my video begins.

If you ever want to access chess in the future, you can go to Guill in your ghall and say “Guill I would like to play chess please” and he’ll open a portal to a chess room for you where you can find instruction booklets inside on how to play.


How to play:

  • Enter guild hall
  • to “Guill I would like to play chess please” to Guill.
  • Read book of chess in the dungeon for further instructions


  • Enter The Shatters.
  • Defeat the final boss.
  • paste this in chat near the exit portal: releaxiflistohwehtevquantanatipo.
  • Walk back to the top left switch area. A new room opened up where a chess board is located.

Known bugs with chess currrently:

  • If you promote a piece, and the promoted piece is now attacking the opponent’s king, then the check will not be announced. You will be blocked from doing illegal moves as normal, though.

(Probably not fixing that. It’s possible but tricky to detect that with XML, though very painful to set up. Getting a similar system working for the castling rook took a lot of tries)

  • The black king incorrectly detects white pawns attacking. Pawns diagonally below it are not seen as attackers. Pawns diagonally above it are seen as attackers.

Fixed for 1.5.

  • If you select the king and a castling movement option is generated, then an arbitrary amount of turns later you attempt to move the king onto the square where this option was generated, the game will initiate castling and even move your rook if the move is approved by the system.

Fixed for 1.5

  • You can select and move another piece after moving a pawn to a promotion square, letting you promote the pawn after the piece move to steal the opponents turn.

Fixed for 1.5

Edit: Oh, and feel free to report bugs to me. Ideally with clips or good descriptions on how to reproduce it. Much like the calculator from last year, the scripting setup of the game is not designed to be ‘good’ at the kind of logic required for chess. So to trick the game into doing it anyway, the XML gets complicated fast.



looking forward to next year’s ARG where you uncover a tetris clone hidden inside the third dimension by saying the phrase “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEES” to shaitan’s dying corpse


Thanks for this ARG, was pretty funny to me looking for clues and overheat my brain, I can’t wait till the next one. :smiley:


omg cannot wait for next years ARG where we have to bring a shitton of holy water into the parasite chambers to make it into a regular ghall and play Genshin Impact on the guild computer poggers


Dear lord the summary for whatever went down in the past 24 hours can’t come soon enough, last I saw we were still trying to decode the Stowaway


Yeah we basically did all the solving in the discord instead of this thread, so folks in the thread missed it all sadly.


Yeah… Thankfully that Discord server is being archived but until then, uh, good luck fdghjdgfkdkgf

In the description of Toastrz’ log he mentions they plan to write an explanation of everything and that cannot come SOON ENOUGH because last I checked y’all were trying to catalog the stuff on the stowaway’s boat.


This probably cost more effort than last year’s ARG, yet it was still somehow worse.


Says you, this shit ROCKED to write for my video script. I learned more about revising my writing than my literal college class abt it.


Don’t paste the quote in the game chat. It’ll disconnect you, as I and a few others sadly discovered.

Discourse (what the Realmeye forum uses) replaces single quotes with a character that if posted in game chat, disconnects you.

Relea Xiflis'TOh Wehtev Quantanatipo

This ^ version works though. If you’re still wary, all you have to do is replace the ’ quote character with the one on your keyboard '.