Inputting 16+16 into the Inner Workings calculator gets this response from Craig (probably this year's ARG)


Nope just rely on luck


Don’t mind my leveling gear, but…

Does this say Art? Has this been noticed? Is this significant?

Edit: I’m think it was just random generation of the tiles.


no that is definitely ART, it’s the same form as the placeholder ART sprite used when an image or item is missing or something. it’s probably an unrelated easter egg.


There is the possibility of those hidden easter eggs being part of the puzzle. It’s literally called Sprite World so maybe there’s some correlation between those platforms and the puzzle.

Like, it’s pretty odd that the platforms chosen were of a Pirate, a Flayer, and the ART sprite. I don’t remember if there were others.

Actually now that I think of it, they may be related to the Shipping Log (Exports) thing that I saw above:

Ok so these logs just seem so god damn weird to not be part of the puzzle. Here’s my tin-foil hat theory as to why:

The Pirate fits the area of the first destination. The ART fits the description of the second destination (because the destination is missing). The Flayer fits the description of the third destination since those reside in the upper highlands. The fourth destination is to Oryx’s Castle so maybe one of the minions from there may have something to go onto.

I don’t like the numbers used for the order amounts and contract numbers because they seem oddly specific. Each shipment is made on a completely different vessel as well.

The first and second orders seem normal but then you get an absurd shipment of 3.5 million grains of gunpowder. Then the last shipment is just 3 cases of wine and they want you to "throw it into the sea when in view, and make sure he sees you this time first!" I’m guessing the he is referring to Oryx himself.

The third shipment seems like a reference to Assassin’s Creed based on a quick search: image
So maybe the whole thing is just 1 big easter egg after all.



Here are a few more:




It’s a bit hard to link each of them to a shipment, but maybe there are just more pixel art to be found.


“Unaddressed home in upper highlands” refers to the Parasite Chambers setpiece. The absurd amount of gunpowder references how the explosive barrels infinitely respawn, thus meaning they’d need a ludicrous amount of gunpowder to keep that up, aye?
Additionally, “Do not converse with recipient” seems pretty obvious when it’s likely an infested host of sorts.


What if the ‘?’ in ‘16+16=?’ refers to a mystery skin? Those are pretty much THE skins of this event. Has anyone tried doing anything while using one?



just no.


The fact that anyone can just have it means that a lot of people would’ve accidentally activated something important by now that we would’ve learnt of. Also seems too in depth especially as most of this arg up to this point has been pretty straight forward ignoring after we found all stowaway messages and consolation numbers.


Definitely wouldn’t go as far as to call this one big easter egg. We still have ZERO solution for the cipher, which we were lead to believe is the next part of the puzzle–furthermore, the Stowaway’s identity and the solution to their riddle is as of yet still unknown.

And it’s not like Realm is any stranger to including pop-culture references in its lore; just look at the quotes from the Void Entity, where it references Super Paper Mario on two distinct occasions! Even in this ARG, stuff like The Glitch quotes Super Paper Mario,


could the kingdom stowaway’s “hollowed by sin” line be a reference to the mathematical equivalent?


Okay, instead of looking at the shipment logs as part of the ARG (sorry for the sidetrack), I think the different sprite rooms in the Sprite World could be a possible lead. From what I’ve seen, these are the following sprites that you can encounter:

  • Pirate
  • Flayer
  • ART
  • Craig
  • Ent Ancient
  • Wizard

Does anyone know if there are any other sprites? I think this may be a lead due to the sprites having little to no relation to each other and to the Sprite World (except Craig).


There is also the old sprite god and a goblin.


Also just a heads up, Craig doesn’t seem to appear in the Guild Hall anymore. At least, I tried to wait around (sometimes asking Guill for “pots” and waiting after) and see if he spawned for about an hour and nothing happened.


He does still show up in guild hall.


Hey, one idea that’s come up on the ARG discord is that we may be looking at a book cipher, where the numbers in the Consolation of Draconis reference specific positions in the phrases that make up the poem. With the assumption that (for example) “III 8” means “take the 8th letter of the third phrase,” I cooked up a spreadsheet that decodes the entire poem. Take a look at this link.

The issue: We don’t know what the correct order for the poem is, and so far we’ve only been able to get solutions like “ncldQheanwmunchttvAahnTanaTipO”. There are 40320 ways to arrange 8 lines, and that’s assuming every sentence in the poem is correct.

My hypothesis: if you arrange the phrases in the correct order, my spreadsheet will spit out something coherent after processing the book cipher. You can make a copy of my spreadsheet and rearrange the lines on the first tab; if everything goes according to plan the cipher result should update automatically.

Spreadsheet troubleshooting: if your cipher result gets noticeably shorter as you rearrange the rows, go to Data> Named Ranges and make sure the “Poem” range is still ‘Stowaway Poem’!A1:D8.


oo very nice layout!


then he must hate me :[


He does, and i tried saying numbers to him but nothing happened


Hint from Deca Gamers:

You have all the pieces, so seek guidance in the lines.

Brute efforts are for naught, only flowing thought will see the signs.

Ancient chants are not in our own tongue, that much is certain.

Be deductive for the right order, from then it’s time for the final curtain.