Inputting 16+16 into the Inner Workings calculator gets this response from Craig (probably this year's ARG)


Current letters we have, if it is a simple 1=A 2=B cipher
updating with data from here and arrow stream



Is Craig guaranteed to spawn? I’ve been in 3 sprites and haven’t found him yet.


Do you have a pet with an offensive ability? it might kill him before he can activate.


It does have an offensive ability but I always see the sprites before it kills any. I’ll try it without my pet just in case.


It doesn’t seem to be guaranteed from personal experience.

Anyway screenshot of it for documentation:

@MrXOB image


If anyones curious about what Craig says:

And what Consolation of Draconis looks like:

And the balloon that drops a pot;

The portal is cool too:




deff not a simple substitution cipher, but still holds up to the idea so far, the ones with the same roman numeral alwayshave the same normal number.
we have also not seen a normal number over 26, and roman numbers go up to 31 so far


i found V 1


new one, XXX 6


XIV 13, but I believe this one was already found. If anyone has the spreadsheet please send it in this thread.


i’m on a roll

(flameventurer btw)


cool :stuck_out_tongue:


Could this mean anything?
Joshawsum showed this

And the third one says ‘Destination: Unaddressed home in upper highlands’ could that be the Flayer since its located in highlands?


Unadressed home is referencing parasite chambers and I doubt it has anything to do with the arg atm.


Silly idea, try to do something with the balloon trap


I’m just doing the excel sheet on arrow’s stream atm.


Toastrz I just want you to know I love this ARG but also it is causing me to cry because I am having to rewrite SEVERAL points on a video script I’ve been working on (I won’t elaborate yet it’s a secret) and I think if I have to rewrite one more segment I’m going to Perish Immediately


XVII 11 is the last one to be found. (oh this wasnt supposed to be a response, oops.) we have all the numbers now (presumably)