Introducing Realmeventchasers, a new guild focused on farming rare event drops. Come get your Ogmurs and Tablets today!



Realm event chasers looks to be tight-knit community with the main goal of farming realm events for elusive rare item such as jugg, tablet and ogmur.

We’re a brand new community and look to be one of the quickest growing most effective guilds about.

We not only plan to specialize in realm specific drops but also endgame dungeons and O3 runs for veteran players.

We’ll have regular giveaways and none-realm specific events such as movie nights drinking nights and the such

We hope you enjoy your time here and we look forward to farming together.


  • 20+ stars
  • English only
  • Be active in discord for event farming notifications
  • No cheaters

How to apply:

Join out discord server


Seems interesting.


do u increase droprates through sacrifice to beach spiders? if so ill join.