Invisible Feargus bug


I think this happened because Feargus was pushed into next phase by poison while invisible during his hide-circle-appear phase.
Basically he was invisible for the rest of fight, his hp bar was hidden too. Fight ended after a while so luckily he wasn’t invincible.
Never happened before.


I’ve seen that too.


Probably cause Feargus turning visible is within its behaviour of the circling phase, so it doesn’t do that if it’s pushed into its minion spawn phase.

As for you still being able to hit it, it was only visually invisible - not “invincible” (i.e. unhittable).


the problem is feargus’ size is set to 0 whenever he vanishes and size changes don’t naturally revert to normal, you have to actually tell it to change size again. because feargus is supposed to be unhittable while at size 0, it’s not something that normally needs to be checked when he changes phase again. all that needs to be done to fix it is to add another changesize behavior at the start of the next phase to ensure he’s at normal size when beginning that phase.

it’s a stupid easy fix that literally only needs one line added, but it’s not up to me anymore and so I don’t know when exactly deca will fix it themselves.


Happened to me. LOD has a lot of strange glitches – more than the other dungeons in my experiences.


Well, not so much a glitch as just a programmer oversight.

@Xaklor bad at xml lmao


Eh…maybe. It sometimes happens and sometimes doesn’t, though.


I made feargus.

watching you debate seelpit on what went on behind the scenes that may have hypothetically resulted in this bug, even when I’ve layed out exactly what causes it and how to fix it both here and to deca so they can fix it, is hilarious.




I didn’t read that.

You made Feargus.

That never occurred to me.

This is embarrassing.


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