Is there a typo here?


I know this isn’t necessarily on the forum, but it does pertain to the realmeye wiki. I ended up getting on and noticed this on the recent 8/8 deaths

Just wondering if this is a typo or bug, as the actual wiki page does say Glacier Archmage



Probably typo


Its a typo


clearly, it means he died to a rare varient that has more glass then a regular glacier archmage, so: glassier


Thank you for the link to that thread, as it will be helpful if I come across something similar again


Why!!! I need to add another exception to a script I made. Trivial I know, but it’s still something I have to do.


For a while, the wiki actually said Glassier Archmage. Like there was a separate page for the Glacier one and the Glassier one. Idk, just a typo I guess.

               Good lord, this is




Thank you for showing me this, hopefully this is fixed eventually, despite not being anything major


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