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Glacier Archmage

Last updated: X.15.0.0
Glacier Archmage

The Glacier Archmage is an enemy found in The Shatters found throughout the dungeon.

Note: The Glacier Archmages that appear with the Twilight Archmage will display the name “Glassier Archmage”.



HP: 12000
DEF: 45
EXP: 250
Location: The Shatters

Immune to Stun
Counts to God Kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Large White Shuriken
Slowed for 3s
Sick for 3s
Ice Bullet
Slowed for 3s
Sick for 3s
Darkness for 3s
Blue Missile
Unstable for 3.5s
Sick for 3s
Pierces Armor


Phase 1:
Chases the nearest player to a distance of ~7-8 tiles before it stops moving - If the target moves either closer or further from the Mage it will readjust its position accordingly. The mage continuously fires Blue Missile attacks at the target, with an occasional ring of Ice bullets. The mage will fire 4 rings before moving to the next phase.

Phase 2:
The mage will glow for a moment and change color, becoming white and gaining the Armored effect. It will maintain its positioning as before, but will now fire an additional wave of large white shurikens every so often that can kill any class if they are standing directly on top of it. The Mage will soon after revert to being blue again, cycling between the two forms in set intervals.


Does Not Reproduce

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Tips and Strategies

Bow Classes:

Paralyzing the Mage before approaching him is the easiest way to kill him fast. Dodge his annoyingly fast unstable projectiles or stand directly behind a melee class willing to be stationary and tank the unstable shots.

Melee classes:

This guy is the scourge of the shatters, prepare for lots of missing and abundant profanity. Try to back him in to a corner so he can’t continue to run away.

Other ranged classes:

The Glacier Archmage is possibly the least threatening minion in the entirety of the shatters, with the exception of the Abandoned Switch. He exists only to annoy and distract you by inflicting plentiful amounts of unstable and darkness. The only time he can deal actual damage, is when he enters the second phase, but due to his propensity for staying away from you, very few shots will actually connect.

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