Item gifting


No, because you are paying 25k fame or 1k gold to send it across.


I think, thats a cool idea but isnt very viable…
In my opinion Its nice, i will accept it


But say people fametrained a lot, and had a large amount of fame. Considering this to be orange star and up there should be quite a large amount of fame. People may as well sell them for x amount of life pots or decas


Like farm for the UT that a (possibly assigned) guild mate wants and then gift it


What if they want an omni


Then get them an Ammu and say it was the best you could do (or just be Botmakeout)


Prices can be like:
fame price = feedpower multiplied by famebonus twice
gold price = feedpower divided by half of famebonus
Example: Cdirk (950 * 6)*6=34200 fame
or 950 / 3=316 gold.
Or if fame will become something more valuable:
fame price = feedpower multiplied by famebonus, 950 * 6=5700


I would stick to the fp * fb%^2 because of fametraining


Let’s be honest, if this was implemented into the game all you would see in game would be

“5 Deca’s for a Dbow @IdontplaythegameallIdoisMerch

So this would essentially be tradable UT’s again, not to mention RWT has tons of duped UT’s on various White Star accounts I’m sure, and they always find a way to exploit the game so I just don’t see it.

Plus what John said about something along the lines of how this would ruin the value of UTs


It was a cool thing in the old days to gift rare items to people, and I miss it.

But the idea doesn’t do it for me, I want every Rotmg player to have the same possibilities, so either an item is sb for everyone or it is unsb for everyone. I’m a free marketeer in this regard. I think, no matter that kind hearts could use this idea for charitable donations, it would unquestionably create a black market for UT trading where gifting was perverted into RWT (gift vs real money) or “gift me X and I’ll trade you Y”.


Honestly wouldn’t a function where you pay fame or gold to un-soulbind an item so it can be given to someone or sold through trade be better?


I think the reciver should pay for it


What prevent your idea from making it in to the game is the game flaw itself
"Duping and fame farming problem"

If there is no duping RWT would don’t be that much of a problem now


Fame farming is Overrated af

But since deca gonna re work it i gonna let it slide


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