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This thread isn’t dead, I swear.

Stormrage hadn’t broken anything in a while. Luckily, the creepy guy in the nexus cave gave her a nice box to break after she gave him some medallions from the giant stone statue in the Lost Halls and the cult guys:

Tiered armor upgrade!

She had heard of a magical woodland with powerful items she could use, and furthermore had heard that her friends from the nexus were planning to run them in groups. She tagged along, and after slaying the boss, she saw a beautiful white bag among the grass, and ran to it eagerly to pick up her loot.

Our hero followed this discovery with a bunch of language that is not suitable for all audiences.

Saddened by the results, she decided instead to join the underwater assault team in their attack on the great mermaid goddess. The goddess asked some question about a guy named Alex, and gave Stormrage a gift:

That’s pretty cool.

Pirates are jerks, so let’s take their headgear:

After killing Oryx a bunch of times, Stormrage was rewarded with some powerful shards capable of becoming a powerful item at random. She used them to create a chest, then opened the chest (this sounds weird when you type it out):


More OT:

Pet fud.

“Let’s make another chest and try to get a powerful item that way!” Stormrage thought to herself as she killed Oryx again:


“Let’s kill more pirates and take their accordions!”

Stormrage took a break from trying to get the good loot and instead took to helping her dear warrior friend Pegasusy get some for himself. Unfortunately, she took his loot by accident. It wasn’t an accident.

Both swords were messily devoured by metal-eating housecats.

Determined to get the powerful woodland items, Stormrage continued her attacks and got another white bag. Holding her breath, she opened it to see what was inside:

HECK yeah.

She then killed a red-robed guy and got a sphere, which she also fed.

Then Stormrage discovered that the literacy bow had been nerfed, but she was more likely to get it now. Maybe someday soon…

I’ve only ran a couple dozen LHs so far, so I’m probably going to do more of those soon. Might wait for IC/OoC to be implemented though, just because I hate discord runs.

Also, T12 bows and T6 traps are a myth and do not exist.


Finally, someone who knows the truth. It seems every single huntress ppe I see (and mine that just died) never gets both, or even one. Even GLAWI’S one still has t5 trap


The bees. The bees continued to elude Stormrage, driving her into a frenzy every time she thought of them (actually, she hasn’t been running a lot of nests lately). But then she spotted the massive hive over the horizon. Not even the biggest can of Raid would have any hope against this monstrosity. Luckily, our hero’s arrows were able to penetrate both the massive stronghold and the armor of its defenders, resulting in destruction for all who opposed her. Among the wreckage of the massive nest and its final champion, our hero spotted a neat white bag:

Unfortunately, she wasn’t the greatest at using these specialized quivers, and decided to stick to her trap for her stunts.

Later that same day (and after killing a bunch of other things), Stormrage found herself fighting against some massive sentient statues. After her leaf projectiles somehow managed to pummel the great attackers into submission, she saw another neat white bag:

That brings JimdaFish’s current stock of these things to 3.

Her mood brightened greatly by her luck, Stormrage turned several tokens into the Tinkerer guy at the Nexus and received a couple chests in return, which she opted to open simultaneously:

Yes, that is two individual white bags, and two pet food items.

And yet the glory of those items was nothing compared with what was to come. Stormrage had been hunting for a particular item for quite some time now. Many other travelers received them regularly, but she had been unsuccessful in her efforts. Until now.

She laid the chest on the ground and drew back her bow. Pummeling the box with her massive bow, she reduced it to smithereens and beheld the most beautiful sight her eyes had ever seen.

I have to raise the suspense, okay?

At last! And it only took 8611 base fame!

The T6 trap remains at large.

The knowledge that the Crossbow of Literacy had been lessened in power saddened our hero, but she would not be dissuaded from her quest to obtain it. She fought her way through countless bookshelved rooms, defeating the denizens within them. She was unsuccessful in her endeavors, but the library man did give her a magic book:

It had information on pet care, so she fed it to her cat.

Also, wlabs keep taunting her :frowning:

Stormrage continues on her quest to find the STs of various sorts, and hopes to one day collect them all. She also looks forward to MotMG, when hopefully things will become more soloable and she can do LHs without a massive group again.


Nice ppe man, please do some shatters :smiley:


Two posts in one day? That’s illegal.

This edition:

Stormrage’s Guide to Proper Cursed Library Etiquette

Step 1: Enter the Cursed Library, preferably with friends

Step 2: Begin pulverizing everything in sight and causing the maximum destruction possible, ransacking it the way you would a normal library

Step 3: Profit

(Got that from shards from libraries, so it counts for this montage)

Step 4: Extra profit

After who knows how many libraries (Stormrage spent several hours doing chains today, so her MD stat is well, WELL below actuality), our hero finally got the Literacy Bow. It had been nerfed significantly, but she now has an effective CQB set (shown in next screenshot) and is feeling quite relieved to never have to read another book again.

Step 5: Gonna tack this on too, even though we got the crossbow:

So now I don’t have to farm godlands all the time to try and get this. I guess I’ll move onto other stuff now.

I might do some shatters.


get t6 trap please


Do you know how rare that mf is


There is a reason that there is not much endgame dungeon content for this ppe at the present time: my time playing lately has consisted largely of farming realms for libraries (for the crossbow), farming for mighty chests in the hopes of getting WC tops and running O2 for WC tops, just so that I can get a T12 bow (now obtained, ofc), and that trap. If they just up and removed the trap from every drop table in the game today, I probably wouldn’t even notice, since there would be no change for me.

I want to get the trap. The game does not want me to get the trap. This makes me a sad fish.


the fish will get the trap. the fish will triumph.


Shatters drops the trap.


I don’t think anything drops the trap.


I understand. Have a good day.


The drop rates of t6 abilities in shatts are ABSURDINGLY LOW, i used to run a lot of shatters every day and in one week, i got ONLY a t6 skull.


Huh, I did a shatts today and got elvish from the 2nd boss. I guess I got lucky


When did deathless drop from 2nd?


Now it drops from 2nd, but not 1st.




Since the most recent STs were released and the drop rates were buffed.


I’m alive.

Stormrage’s rampage of the libraries was a successful one; having finally received the crossbow she had been searching for for some time, she turned her sights towards other interesting items. But first she got this:

Continuing on in her quest, she found herself pitted against one of Oryx’s most trusted guardians, Janus the Doorwarden. After getting a ton of keys flung at her by the irate doorman, she found a powerful item lying in the rubble of the battle; an item capable of immense destruction and untold power:

And then a cat ate it.

She then proceeded to solo the resulting Encore, surpassing 10k fame in the process.

A little while later, once again fighting the unstoppable hordes of Oryx’s fighters, she was able to get another powerful item that she didn’t particularly want to use:

Luckily, she knew a local priest who could use it.

The screams of the wounded echoed throughout the massive subterranean room. With no one to heal them, they had to continue to limp along, desperately dodging the attacks of the massive golem, intent on ending their pathetic lives. A rock sailed past Stormrage’s head, exploding on the floor and bringing one of her compatriots to the ground, where the warrior was then finished off by a bolt of magic coming from one of the massive pillars in the corner of the room. Stormrage had no time to mourn the loss, as a massive blast of magic nearly doomed her as well. Skipping nimbly to the right and away from her friends, she was suddenly impeded when a glob of green magic liquid struck her, making her movements slow and clumsy. Off in the distance, a wizard, similarly separated from the group, was felled by the golem. Stormrage, focusing once again on what was at hand, suddenly found herself facing a massive cascade of which threatened to bury her in rock. She ran as quickly as she could with her impediment, but found herself caught between the rubble and a burst of magic from a passing boulder. No! she thought to herself, This is not how it ends! Reciting the spell that every inhabitant of the Nexus knew by heart, she left the subterranean labyrinth and returned to safety.

So, it turns out that events are good for business. Learning from a wise wizard in the Nexus that she could make herself stronger despite having drunk all the potions she could possible hold, Stormrage was eager for more. Luckily, a bunch of bee nests had for some reason started popping up in the Nexus, putting everyone’s lives in danger! Many other Nexus inhabitants had joined forces to combat the new threat, and Stormrage was eager to jump into battle against the mutant insects.

Slaying a massive Queen Bee, Stormrage took the stinger from the dead bug and crafted it into a razor-sharp dagger that could cut through anything. This time, she was able to give it to an assassin friend of hers before her pets could devour it:

She found many small trinkets throughout her time on the pest eradication patrol, including many honey rings (very tasty for pets), some speedy bee armors (also quite tasty for the cats) and some powerful tiered armors. But none of these were very interesting for her, because she had her sights on something else; legends told of a set of items which a huntress like herself could use to great effect to channel the power of the insects. She had already obtained many of the rings, but had yet to see any of the other parts. She was determined to change that.

But first, she got another knife:

After a while longer of beating up insects, she got to the queen of the nest once again. (How did such massive bee hives manage to form in the Nexus?) Slaying her, Stormrage then demolished the chest of items the massive bug had been guarding, and beheld a beautiful treasure which she decided outclassed the dragonstalker trap she had had for so long:

She then got like, three more of them.

Now, Stormrage had the trap and the ring. She still needed to get the armor and the bow. She had heard that the lightweight armor she was searching for could be obtained by destroying the smaller bee nests scattered throughout the hive, and so she doubled her efforts to destroy each and every one in sight. It was not long before she at last managed to obtain this armor:

This left but one item in the set. The bow could only be obtained by defeating the Beekeeper, an odd man who for some reason lived among the bees. This was an issue for Stormrage, because her compatriots did not seem interested in killing him, and only in crushing the queen bees. Luckily, since the insects had horded all of their loot in chests for a few days, she got lucky while destroying one of the massive loot boxes:

She had at last completed the set. Putting on every item, she found a new power coursing through her body, giving her the swiftness and aggression the bees were known for. Feeling a surge of triumph, she let forth a mighty battle cry:

Much bee.

Now, as much fun as it was to squash the giant bugs, Stormrage had had enough of that for a while. She had gotten 3 Exaltations (whatever the heck that meant) from it, and decided to move onto other things.

Spying the entrance to the Puppet Master’s Encore (a special performance which she had gone to several times and thoroughly enjoyed) about to close, she dove in and joined a group of Nexus denizens in their fight against evil puppet man. After destroying his magic puppets (which Stormrage did feel kind of bad about), she and her friends killed him too, and then proceeded to loot his corpse.

Machine gun obtained!

Also, she killed some snakes in a new temple she discovered, and got some weirdly toxic armor:

Deciding it was probably unsuitable for contact with human skin, she let her cat eat it instead.

Throughout the entire time, she had been collecting construction equipment to give to the chaps that had been rebuilding a bunch of things everywhere. She finally went back for her rewards, and received some interesting objects:

She turned some of them in, and got some cool items:


:o you’re alive!

the best ppe thread of them all returns (no offense anyone else)

also, how the heck do you write this good?