JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, I am in fact not dead.

Athena Eleanor Kanye EUWest VII of the Western Midlands and Just a Wee Bit of the Highlands Too set off into the realm after a rather lengthy hiatus. A lot had changed since her last adventures; she was no longer a white star, the shatters was scary now and apparently there had been some war between the forces of light and darkness. Or something like that; our narrator hasn’t been keeping with the times.

But regardless, Athena wanted some powerful items, and she wasn’t going to get those by sitting around. She could only get them if she fought large spiders. So she did, and got spider summoning stick:

Then she fought some weird robed guys in an underground labyrinth and got a robe. However, the screenshot got lost when JimdaFish’s computer had to update unexpectedly, and there was sadness in the land. Here’s the next screenshot with the robe in it:

Following this adventure, she communed with a dragon and got a sword out of it. Too bad she doesn’t like swords.

(Her cats ate it.)

Those were the adventures of Athena the summoner for the time being. However, with a kensei-themed campaign (or two) going on, I decided to take a little break from summoner in favor of a kensei ppe. I will be posting updates on that one shortly.

Yeah, you’d be hard-pressed to have a more inconsistent upload schedule. Glad you like the thread!


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Haha, I promise my will wasn’t crushed with my thread or anything, by the way; the problem is that I got my hands on an Incubation Mace, and I wanted to b try it out. I can’t really do an NPE from that, though… and all my slots are taken up with other characters I’m trying to get to 15k, eventually.

Glad to see this thread is still in operation!


Sam the kensei was introduced to the Realm on a fine December day; the sun shone down upon the frozen land, reflecting off the snow and creating a dazzling display of light. It was almost pretty, if it weren’t for the countless bodies of his friends that were strewn everywhere by the hands of Oryx’s minions. “Time to go avenging” he thought, drawing his rusty katana and setting out.

He steadily grew accustomed to this new place. He and his friends had been recruited from a faraway land by some of Oryx’s scouts for some kind of island survival-themed Netflix show, but they had failed to read the fine print about the hostile locals. He was now the only one left, and the camera crew were stuck filming him and the massive tiger which had thankfully decided not to eat him.

He got some better gear, but the camera crew informed him that he had to fight bigger things than hobbits or the audience would get bored. Sam found an ice giant, slayed it (with some help from fellow survivors) and got a nice winter jacket out of it:

That should help, because JimdaFish sucks at dodging these days.

Oryx gave Sam a care package, which came with some tasty treats and a sword he couldn’t use.

Enraged that Oryx would give him such a joke present, Sam joined his fellow adventurers in slaying the Mad God. When Oryx fell, an orange bag lay on the ground next to him. “No way” our hero thought, rushing to the bag. “Could it be?”

Why yes, yes it could. But it wasn’t.

Not even the ppe ring.

Now, to be clear, Sam is participating in the Realm-wide campaign against winter. Any time he gets an item or skin, he gets to use it, and blueprints obtained this way may or may not be used for the ppe. I don’t know, I haven’t decided.

Also, this is an upload of old photos, so we’re still talking about the last campaign here:

Will Sam finish the campaign? Will he even survive JimdaFish’s attempts to learn how to play the pseudo-trickster? Tune in tomorrow sometime in the next couple months to find out!


Continuing in the campaign against winter, Sam was able to obtain the Ornaments of Unity. Because who doesn’t look at tree decorations and think to themselves, “What if I used that as clothing?”

At last having completed the set, Sam became the jolly Kringlebonker himself and swore that all snowmen would bow before him. The snowmen, intent on not bowing before him, decided to bow before him instead:

(I spent a full five seconds planning out that joke, as you can probably tell.)

Now, when one fights the Stone Guardians, there bound to be some deaths during the sword-tossing phase; ~2 is to be expected and 3 isn’t out of the ordinary. But this? This isn’t:

(It’s also interesting that the first three died to the Stone Guardian Sword, while the rest died to the Oryx Guardian Sword. If anyone knows why this is, please let me know.)

Tired of watching his comrades get crushed by rocks, Sam followed some fellow adventurers into a dragon den for good old-fashioned dragon slayin’. The red one gave him some scale armor to use:

After all of that dragon slayin’, Sam needed a snack. A cookie helped take the hunger off:

(But seriously, given that I only really do PPE’s nowadays, this oreo might get fed to a cat. We’ll see.)

Finishing the campaign was pretty easy, and Sam was free to rest:

Then Sam was informed that if he started collecting tokens now, he would be able to finish the next campaign even faster. So he got off his butt and went dragon slayin’ again:

Then he beat up Davy Jones and took his sheath. Haven’t actually used it much yet, but it seems pretty good.

Next time we’ll cover the Nest event and the second campaign. I’ve got a bit of a backlog here.