JimdaFish's Okey-Dokey PPE Thread


Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, I am in fact not dead.

Athena Eleanor Kanye EUWest VII of the Western Midlands and Just a Wee Bit of the Highlands Too set off into the realm after a rather lengthy hiatus. A lot had changed since her last adventures; she was no longer a white star, the shatters was scary now and apparently there had been some war between the forces of light and darkness. Or something like that; our narrator hasn’t been keeping with the times.

But regardless, Athena wanted some powerful items, and she wasn’t going to get those by sitting around. She could only get them if she fought large spiders. So she did, and got spider summoning stick:

Then she fought some weird robed guys in an underground labyrinth and got a robe. However, the screenshot got lost when JimdaFish’s computer had to update unexpectedly, and there was sadness in the land. Here’s the next screenshot with the robe in it:

Following this adventure, she communed with a dragon and got a sword out of it. Too bad she doesn’t like swords.

(Her cats ate it.)

Those were the adventures of Athena the summoner for the time being. However, with a kensei-themed campaign (or two) going on, I decided to take a little break from summoner in favor of a kensei ppe. I will be posting updates on that one shortly.

Yeah, you’d be hard-pressed to have a more inconsistent upload schedule. Glad you like the thread!


Yeah, I should probably open it so people can respond


My man is back to the show.


Haha, I promise my will wasn’t crushed with my thread or anything, by the way; the problem is that I got my hands on an Incubation Mace, and I wanted to b try it out. I can’t really do an NPE from that, though… and all my slots are taken up with other characters I’m trying to get to 15k, eventually.

Glad to see this thread is still in operation!


Sam the kensei was introduced to the Realm on a fine December day; the sun shone down upon the frozen land, reflecting off the snow and creating a dazzling display of light. It was almost pretty, if it weren’t for the countless bodies of his friends that were strewn everywhere by the hands of Oryx’s minions. “Time to go avenging” he thought, drawing his rusty katana and setting out.

He steadily grew accustomed to this new place. He and his friends had been recruited from a faraway land by some of Oryx’s scouts for some kind of island survival-themed Netflix show, but they had failed to read the fine print about the hostile locals. He was now the only one left, and the camera crew were stuck filming him and the massive tiger which had thankfully decided not to eat him.

He got some better gear, but the camera crew informed him that he had to fight bigger things than hobbits or the audience would get bored. Sam found an ice giant, slayed it (with some help from fellow survivors) and got a nice winter jacket out of it:

That should help, because JimdaFish sucks at dodging these days.

Oryx gave Sam a care package, which came with some tasty treats and a sword he couldn’t use.

Enraged that Oryx would give him such a joke present, Sam joined his fellow adventurers in slaying the Mad God. When Oryx fell, an orange bag lay on the ground next to him. “No way” our hero thought, rushing to the bag. “Could it be?”

Why yes, yes it could. But it wasn’t.

Not even the ppe ring.

Now, to be clear, Sam is participating in the Realm-wide campaign against winter. Any time he gets an item or skin, he gets to use it, and blueprints obtained this way may or may not be used for the ppe. I don’t know, I haven’t decided.

Also, this is an upload of old photos, so we’re still talking about the last campaign here:

Will Sam finish the campaign? Will he even survive JimdaFish’s attempts to learn how to play the pseudo-trickster? Tune in tomorrow sometime in the next couple months to find out!


Continuing in the campaign against winter, Sam was able to obtain the Ornaments of Unity. Because who doesn’t look at tree decorations and think to themselves, “What if I used that as clothing?”

At last having completed the set, Sam became the jolly Kringlebonker himself and swore that all snowmen would bow before him. The snowmen, intent on not bowing before him, decided to bow before him instead:

(I spent a full five seconds planning out that joke, as you can probably tell.)

Now, when one fights the Stone Guardians, there bound to be some deaths during the sword-tossing phase; ~2 is to be expected and 3 isn’t out of the ordinary. But this? This isn’t:

(It’s also interesting that the first three died to the Stone Guardian Sword, while the rest died to the Oryx Guardian Sword. If anyone knows why this is, please let me know.)

Tired of watching his comrades get crushed by rocks, Sam followed some fellow adventurers into a dragon den for good old-fashioned dragon slayin’. The red one gave him some scale armor to use:

After all of that dragon slayin’, Sam needed a snack. A cookie helped take the hunger off:

(But seriously, given that I only really do PPE’s nowadays, this oreo might get fed to a cat. We’ll see.)

Finishing the campaign was pretty easy, and Sam was free to rest:

Then Sam was informed that if he started collecting tokens now, he would be able to finish the next campaign even faster. So he got off his butt and went dragon slayin’ again:

Then he beat up Davy Jones and took his sheath. Haven’t actually used it much yet, but it seems pretty good.

Next time we’ll cover the Nest event and the second campaign. I’ve got a bit of a backlog here.


“Maybe this is the wrong ppe to run during a nest event.”

“Nah. You’re not doing Beekeeper anyways; you won’t even get the mace.”


Sam enjoyed smushing insects all day, but even the most dedicated insect-smushers get tired of smushing after a while. So he hopped into a Candyland and found a tasty bit of armor:

Back to the smushing grind, he opted to go after spiders this time. The spiders offered him only the finest in loot to get him to leave:

“At last! Now I only require 39 more of these semi-rare items before I have a slim chance at getting something I actually want!”

But it was back to the nest event before too long. After slaying the boss, a mysterious figure appeared in the dungeon and tried to join the party. Unwilling to let this vagrant in on the fun, the adventurers took to pursuing them throughout the entire dungeon:

All of a sudden, the old campaign was replaced with a brand-new, shiny campaign with new challenges ahead for our daring adventurer. But Sam already had about 20 stacks of cocoa mugs lying around, so it was easy to progress:

He also got a Santa’s bag thingy, which he turned in for a sharpened candy cane.

This katana is actually pretty good.

I could mention the bee skin in the bag here, but the following screenshot is really just for the @XBookwyrmX cameo.


Heh. I had to cameo with my undead Mexican assassin… it could’ve been something much more cool. I’m not an assassin main D:

But anyways, it was a pleasure to run into you again!


Well, I’ve missed this bow since last year when Stormrage died with it. It’s good to have it back!

That’s right; it’s Void time. It turns out that beating up the very embodiment of evil can actually be quite lucrative when you do it enough, and Sam was determined to do just that, making a quick detour to mug a guy in a bathrobe to steal his valuables:

(That will come in handy later when Sam eventually ditches the St. Nick getup.)

Then Sam got back to bullying Void Guy for his lunch money, and got some cool armor out of it:

He also got a cool armor upgrade, though again this will only come into play if he gets something better than his current set:

Then came more Void white bags:

…as well as a dungeon with the chaos modifiers…

…and some more loot:

But you see, Sam wasn’t here for the Void Archer items; he wanted UT items he could use. The Marble Colossus got the general message, but not quite:

BP BP obtained!

In hopes of getting the actual BP, Sam ran another Lost Halls. The results were somewhat disappointing:

The second BP BP! (Game, I am trying to avoid the Forge on this guy. Stop.)

And then he got this thing, which has been missing for three years since he lost it last:

And here’s when I lost it last time:

Finally, our hero completed the second campaign as well:

All of the item drops shown in this post were from one day of playing. Send help.


how many lh’s do you think you did that day?


Based on my exaltations be the end of it, around 30.


damn that’s pretty good for 30 completes


This was during the event, with loot clovers. But yes, I was quite lucky.


And so the grind continues. Or does it?

Sam wanted the sheath that the crystal monsters dropped, but they did not seem eager to comply. He had to settle for a katana instead:

Now, despite the unending excitement imparted by farming mineshafts nonstop for extended periods of time, Sam decided it was time to do something else. So he saw a crystal person in the realm, beat her up and took her flaming coffee cup:

(Look, I don’t know the lore, okay?)

Satisfied with this break, he promptly dove back into mineshaft farming and obtained himself an armor:

But there was still no sheath in sight. Heck, he even got this weird thing:

Once again peeved by his lack of success, he journeyed into the depths of the realm’s surprisingly advanced sewage collection and redistribution network. After wading through some thankfully unknown goo, he got a katana:

But some days, you are not destined for sewers mediocrity; you are destined for greater. You are destined for the greatest items in the game, rewarded for slaying the Mad God himself in his very own Sanctuary. On these days, you are richly rewarded for your struggles and find yourself more powerful than ever before.

This was not one of those days.

It was celestial phase; our good friend Sam had all of his hp, and then none of his hp, in a very short period of time. Rest in pieces.

Now, Sam had a few quest chests saved up that he was going to open all at once. Following his demise, the narrator decided that it would be best to just open them now on another character. Here’s what followed:

This follows well over 30 LHs and numerous quest chests without a single MBC white. Thanks, game.


You remember this?

This might be relevant.

Athena Eleanor Kanye EUWest VII of the Western Midlands and Just a Wee Bit of the Highlands Too and Hopefully the Rabbits Soon grabbed her spider summoning stick and crystal wand and set off to get her hands on an Incubation Mace. It would require some powerful items, though.

Well, that works I guess.

But not wanting to give up such a powerful damage item so quickly, Athena decided to go bully some other monsters. The fountain lady gave her a flower:

Not very useful with forging, unfortunately.

Trying to get some forge items, Athena went back to bug-stomping and got a robe instead. But since Ritual Robes kinda suck on summoners (like, a lot), she used the new Star Mother instead. Ritual Robe makes one forge item out of three:

In the meantime, it was Valentine’s Day. She gave herself a large heart after a few confused attempts, dragging the two heart halves on top of one another:

Then a big mushroom gave her some clothing:

Two items out of three.

Our hero got so good at bug-stomping that she got 5/5 dexterity exaltations! Unfortunately, no white bags were acquired during that period. Just this thing:

Something something… battle between good and light… I don’t know. I didn’t play during that event. But now I’ve almost assembled the entire Daeva set (just need the dagger):

At long last, Athena had some luck when opening quest chests from the marks she had earned:

With three expendable endgame-level items, she could finally build the rabbit stick. And build the rabbit stick she did!

Just look at those little guys!

And just in time for the upcoming nerf. Which is probably good, because this thing is absolutely broken.

I will reiterate that forging will not be a regular occurrence for this thread. The only reason it was used here is because:

  1. The blueprint was obtained by this character
  2. The physical item has been available so far only in a single campaign, which occurred roughly a year ago
  3. All items to forge it were obtained by the character

These are the reasons it was used. I understand if there are those out there who see this as illegitimate, but this is how I’m rolling.


Rabbits are cool, but crystal wand as a main after ~30k base fame is a little annoying.

Athena Eleanor Kanye EUWest VII of the Western Midlands, Just a Wee Bit of the Highlands and Now Lagomorphs Too was on a quest: a quest to get a better wand, so she could actually destroy things. Sadly, Daichi did not support her in this endeavor:

Never mind that old monk; he’s about to get reworked anyways (butwheresthatotherwingdecaplease). Athena tried her hand at some magic tricks, and discovered that she was in fact quite good at slight of hand. So good, in fact, that the resurrected Puppet Master granted her his own magic wand after she pried it from his cold, dead hands:

It’s not outstanding, but compared to a T11 wand, it’s pretty good. So that helped.

Now that she had a good piercing option, Athena wanted something that could blast enemies even faster. Weird purple guy in future place gave her a condu:

Thank you purple guy.

Now this was cool and all, but as a summoner, our hero wanted to break stuff even faster. Following an alien invasion on the Realm, Athena led a Realm invasion on the aliens and received another upgrade to her arsenal:

Take that, old monk guy.

After some more alien explorations, she got another wand:

Crystal wand is now fully replaced!

Then Oryx gave her the PPE ring, after she beat him up more than everyone else:

This follows a long string of crucial blows declarations. Summoner is definitely not broken.

Not sure what the plan from here is; I’m still rather new to O3, and throwing PPEs at it isn’t my favorite; maybe I’ll just run the mini bosses? Other than that, I’ll probably just continue on the exaltation grind and hope that Void gives me an Omni.


As someone who was skitzy about running O3 until more recently, I would definitely encourage at least doing O3 minis! Not generally quite as bad, and some decent loot to boot.


looking forward to reading all the new content :+1:


I’ve got a couple screenshots, but not much. Real life has been hitting me like a freight train lately, so my play time has been rather limited. I’ll post at some point here.


Athena Eleanor Roosevelt Kanye EUWest VII, Queen of the Western Midlands and Eastern Highlands; Duchess of the Nexus and Lagomorphs; Conqueror of the Insects and Obtainer of Potato was feeling festive, so she grabbed her party hat and set off on an adventure:

Then she heard from a friend that Daichi was apparently giving out free clubs to adventurers, and Athena wanted one:

And let me tell you, this thing’s wack:

A huge fan of bug-stomping, it should come as no surprise that Athena had it in for the Killer Bee Queen and wanted to take her stuff. So she did:

Some nice fp there.

Needless to say, her pets enjoyed eating those. But Athena was also hungry, so she grabbed a quick snack from a Pentaract:

And now JimdaFish’s three-oreo pally is a four-oreo pally.

And then something happened; after six and a half years of playing, countless event bosses and way too many loot boosts, JimdaFish finally got it:

At long last, the coveted Helm of the Juggernaut. Now we just need the Blue Bee Quiver, Crystallized Fang’s Venom and the CDirk (even if the last one is no longer an accomplishment to own; thanks DECA).

Because of time constraints/having a life, Athena didn’t complete the first campaign. She did get to the Incubation Mace, however, so now she has that again:

I find it amusing that they lopped off 40% of this thing’s dps and yet it still remains the best mace for single-target damage. You’d think they would have considered this sooner.

A random quest chest yielded a fun haul:

Slight sidetrack

My first ever Midnight Star was from my second ever LoD; I barely knew the item existed when I got it from the old Ivory Wyvern chest. It very quickly became my favorite item, since ninja was my favorite class and paralyze was still very useful back then. I had a lot of fun running around and paralyzing enemies with it, but it ultimately met its fate at the hands of the old WLab boss and her minionsimage:

This is why we don’t speedy when there are both confuse shots and instakill enemies nearby, folks.

I had to wait until a few days ago for my second Midnight Star, so it’s cool to have that back.

[End sidetrack]

Then what started as an effort to get an ST ring turned into a hostage crisis when Athena discovered a small hero hiding from the Ancient Ruins enemies in a bag:

The race was still on to get more campaign points, though: our summoner hero was determined to finish this final campaign! So when she spotted a Lucky Djinn, she quickly killed it with her friends. Waiting patiently for the bullets to despawn after its death, she promptly dove into the Cave of a Thousand Treasures portal that dropped, ready to beat up Gold Boy. The dungeon loaded. And loaded. And then had to try loading again. And then had to try loading again.

“An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.”

Very well, a brief trip to the Nexus would slow her down, but it wasn’t the end of the world. But then the Nexus didn’t load either, so Athena had to manually restart the game. Once she loaded in, she was surprised to discover that she was dead:

All Lucky Djinn shots had despawned and no enemies were nearby when she went in the portal. Very cool.

Rest in peace to Athena, the summoner so powerful that the game had to cheat to kill her.