Join the realmaholics today


We are The Realmaholics Guild

“For your daily dose of therapy, pain, and a further dose of people’s unholy addiction to the color white.” Passersby listen carefully, as the Founder of this cursed fucking guild said “I can give one bit of advice and one bit of advice only.” “Turn back while you still can.”~Fawbr

The Realmaholics guild is a very laid-back, chill, social guild that are once again looking for some new faces to join us in sharing our pain as we continue upon this downward spiral path of a crippling addiction to this game
We hope you have a nice stay in the guild server, and hopefully, we can drag you into the halls of the Realmaholics guild! But be warned once you are in you can NEVER escape, of course, unless you like just kinda, you know… leave the guild, but you wouldn’t want to do that would you??

Consistent activity both in-game and in discord
MUST BE ABLE TO VC (we spend a lot of time just vibing in vc)
Red star
EU/US timezone

We often pop dungeons and host other guild/server-wide events including classics such as jackbox night, CAH, Realm bingo, and many many more

How to apply:
If you want to join this cursed guild then all you gotta do is join our discord and fill out the application form in #info (don’t worry it’s not long and u don’t need 10000 8/8s its just so we can check you meet the requirements stated above) and ping @guildstaff!