Joshawsum's PPE Thread


It’s always fun to see those. I’ve had three since last Halloween, and the first one I did, I got the Jack-o’-mancer skin! I want to know the astronomical odds of that happening. That’s probably one of my finest lottery ticket moments of my entire career on here thus far, to be honest. :smile:


yeah, this happened to me once and i didnt do the halloween event so i was super confused


bois I’m back! got some new screenshots


how…? just how did I get the naval lol


ay dps ring!


O_O pog tho


got this from an st chest…should I use it?

  • Yes, you should use the robe
  • No, you shouldn’t use the robe

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and that’s pretty much all of it! hope y’all enjoyed. not much today, as I had more work than expected yesterday

Future: Looking at the event calendar, I see that there’s gonna be a mlab event and a 3d event today, so I’m definitely grinding for those! Let’s hope I actually get something good and not dc for 10 hours -_-


Not that rare


dude I’ve never gotten naval from t, and I’ve only gotten it from a ddocks event once, so its kinda rare for me lol


Took me so long to get it for set, too.


ok, I won’t use the robe


kk I’m back, and I have new screenshots!


got two expos in the same run LOL


oooooh, nice forge!


this bag is absolutely stacked! nice stuff tho


and yea, that’s all the screenshots I have rn. Srry for the lack of screenshots, school has been a real pain recently.

Future: Mostly I’m just grinding mlab and 3d’s today, as yesterday I was barely able to grind, although today I have a bit more time to screw around.


I need that spell :frowning:️ quit hogging the luck! :wink:


rip, hope you get it some day lol!


ayo I’m back, and I have new screenshots!