Joshawsum's PPE Thread


OMG FINALLY!!! I still need the t4 damn


nice troom loot lol


DUDE FINALLY! you do not know how much trouble I’ve had getting this damn item, even last year.


first dye of the npe -_- lol


sprite wand gang?


ooooooh, more forge!


and that’s all the screenshots I have now, hope y’all enjoyed! Less screenshots again because of school being toxic

Future: I want to continue doing labs and 3d’s, but yesterday was mostly to max(1 to max currently -_-). Also, I’ve been getting a lot of disconnects when going to oryx, and also tons of frameskips, so any method to decrease the frameskips?


ayo, I’m back, and I got some more screenshots!


welp, I died because I was being stupid in glands, literally 1 def from max :weary:


nice start!


hp ring gang


damn I see I’m catching up to my last npe!


popped the daily quest and I got an exa hp!!!


NICE, I think this might be better than my last npe!


huh, never had one, so I’m not using it for forge


UHHHHHH…EXCUSE ME! scratch that, this is MUCH better than my last npe


oooooh, some really nice forge!


WTF IS THIS SUMMONER’S LUCK? more nice forge tho!


I got an expo… have no space since that last spot was for a quest chest so I couldn’t grab it but yea I got an expo


finally, let’s see what I get!