Lair of Draconis Rework


It did make it a little hard to test the order I was trying to complete.:joy:
But it does make sense, because larger groups should be have a certain degree of adaptability.
Maybe only randomly choose a dungeon given that there are more than x amount of players?


I wonder, could it be finessed by the RNG element only kicking in when the group’s DPS is over a threshold, with assessment on the decision statue (or maybe on the preceding dragon) sending the altar into angry altar: “No! You will submit to my decision!”

Or when RNG is about to trigger, it could throw out a speech element, where the correct answer allows your choice, but failing it gives you altar’s choice. (Could integrate with some library lore to reward those who have the knowledge).

Uncontrollableness impacts disproportionally hard on a soloer/small group, perhaps needing a mark, but left abandoned by everyone failing at 2nd, then being doubly screwed by RNG picking the worse of the two options for 3rd. Or an inexperienced public group lets say all melee, but can no longer be helped by a patron tailoring the best route for their skills.

It’s reminding me of MGMayhem, as an RNG-path dungeon, where for a small group it is so much worse receiving Beekeeper than Encore at 3rd, resulting in people began just nexusing rather than even attempt it. I’m certainly guilty of that. I wonder if similar will happen with Lods if a particularly disliked path is given, and that’d be a pity. I like the game giving us traps and pitfalls, but also the possibility to dodge them. WIthout that, hm I can’t think of a good word, it feels capricious? for the game to just say “nope you get this now haha”.

Edit: or yes an “only trigger RNG aspect if player count greater than…” could be a simple way to let it be perfect controllable for small group, but not for large.


While I agree a little, a bigger part of me says that it isnt too hard and from what i have experienced the chances for that to happen is about 1 time in 10 dungeons, so 1 in 30 per dragon.
To me that chance is low enough that i would just take it that way. More so since only a few paths are truly scary (mostly purple on first and green on 3rd) that I would welcome the challenge as opposed to always choose the easiest option because the majority of the people in the realm want that.

Though I admit as well that this would not be fun if its a privately opened dungeon. Depending on who it is they can feel betrayed to have spend money for ‘deca’ to ruin their run.

(A shame lots of people skip the parts where deca did tons of great things, and (imo) have always taken the community into account)


The idea isn’t to punish people, just change what happens. Our goal is to make it so that no path through the bosses is significantly harder or easier than other options, but will impose a variety of obstacles that may force you to shake up your playstyle a bit. There shouldn’t be any single path that is so much harder for a group that it will end a run which would have otherwise succeeded.


My take on things

The runs I did


  • Done on a different class from samurai
    BRGP, on a trickster, tried out some decoys (walked into wyvern at the end)
    PRBG, on a knight, tried out higher def, slightly shorter range and no multi-hit as well as stuns (this run I got a double forced choice
    PBGR, done on both samurai and sorcerer, after doing everything on ‘short-ranged’ character is wanted to see if the same holds up for long range, and I attempted what I consider to be the hardest run

In general
The balance between the damage or status focus on the inherited attacks is great and an amazing thing to have caught your attention.
Same with minions I absolutely love that if you (take the effort and) kill them they won’t respawn indefinitely, but most of all you can just leave them alive or not focus them if you so choose. This was most notable on my sorcerer run with the reef sceptre.
Arena changes seem, for now, to be a bit all over the place in both style and impact on gameplay
And most of all I just love the rework in general. I’ve run about 30 of them by now and I could still continue and have fun with it. This might be my new favourite dungeon.


Limoz: Solid, the animation may be a bit low on movement. However, in combat, you rarely notice these things.
Pyrr: Base and Attack are great, idk about walking, since he shoots like all the time.
Nikao: The base sprite is great, the snout may feel a bit round (but that’s the same with the rest and doesn’t look bad, just makes them a bit more friendly).
Feargus: Timing for animation is off so it looks like he’s wiggling instead of attacking, for something that’s flying the moving animation is a bit lacking in wing flaps, the rest is pretty good.
Ivory: The attacking and moving animation could use some more movement further than just the hands. Ideally a twisting body, but a tail flick might also add much.
Big red: looks a bit too streamlined and lacks the irregularity of a flame.
Big blue: looks quite alright, but I would change the shape, straighten it a bit more.
Big purple: looks pretty good, I see a multi-layered purple could in it, so if that’s what you’re going for it works.
Big green: Even though a place holder I think its the best out of the four. it shows a bit more character (maybe not necessarily like a soul) and both the shape and shading are a lot better imo.
The big ‘souls’ feel too small (in size in-game) for a 16x16 sprite, the shading feels overdone and the added possibility in terms of shape isn’t used (imo), in other words, I think the 8x8 is the way to go if it should stay in ‘soul shape’ otherwise I would change them to more of a personalized sprite (maybe a volcano, waterfall, tornado).
The small ones look good, a bit cute because they’re small but they’re nice.
The orbs look very round and shiny. Not very special but it very much looks like an orb.

It’s nice to see the attention for detail here and there. Adding in cracks (which I just see as a muscled chest) to Limoz’ shields is super nifty, the sound of an egg breaking might not really fit though.

As for arena changes, most are pretty alright (the colour will always clash to some extent (except for the purple change to the blue arena)), but there are a few which could use some smoothening or need a great deal of acceptance from the players. The red and green changes to the blue field; the contrast in a nice blue and an orange or murky green just feels too stark. Maybe a changed tile to have some type of gradient here (like traces of goo or lighten patches because of the heat). The blue change to the red arena, the mechanics are super nice, but the colour contrast is a bit too much, the lava to obsidian isn’t that bad, but the obsidian next to the red tiles just feels off. I think having obsidian cracks in the tiles might do a better job at fitting in, not too sure tho.

Feedback on the gameplay
Basic Phases (First fight)

Limoz: Looks nice, the gameplay is good, I have close to nothing to remark. Close to, so my thing is that the minions do close to no damage. The sick which is iconic for Limoz doesnt feel that threathing at all here. So i think that a damage buff to the minions would be great. (I think its 60 atm, so if its upped to 75 or 80 I think it’ll be good, granted that the changes they receive when chosen as 4th could be slightly adjusted as well)

Nikao: The slow is indeed a lot better than weak. I’m actually super glad (in hindside) that there is no weak or daze in the whole dungeon. Here too, most of the fight feel nice and balanced, though the wack-a-mole phase should have a slightly longer hit frame than what it has now. It’s hard on melee’s, sure, but even on a sorcerer if felt somewhat short. I think just added one more shotgun in time would already be enough.

Pyrr: This, as well, feels polished but unlike the others not that different from the old fight. The whole fight it urges you to circle to dodge all the stuff and it’s nice (unless you don’t know yet, then its a lot harder). The phase where he stands in the middle, though, is a bit too easy to dodge. You can just weave between the armour break shots and unless you do it weird the big shots won’t hit either. A solution would be to add extra bullets. But the two best patterns already get taken by blue (spread fire) and green (spiral) and at those times it feels like a full-fledged phase, but when those are left out it’s a bit lacking imo. The best alternative I can come up with is a single fast travelling aimed bullet which does around 120 or so damage or a grenade which does about the same and would work better against those pesky ranged classes.

Feargus: This is the most challenging unbuffed fight but also the one I have the most remarks about. In general, the area is too big for there to not be anything special. At first, the minion/egg phase feels solitary and not like its a part of the boss fight. Maybe because the arena is pretty bare as well, but it misses some cohesiveness. This is the only phase I’m actually reluctant to do. Adding to the terrain so that there will be an extra gimmick to look forward to and make things more interesting in most phases. Next up is the spikes lanes, which don’t seem to be doing damage all the time, as someone else has already brought up, nothing else really this phase. Then the tentacle phase. I will admit that the first 5-8 time I just went in for a few shots and backed off 500-700 hp lighter. But after a while, I figured out a pattern that works pretty well. Unless you are slowed or sickened, where armour break and pet stasis are also pretty darn scary. The lethality of this phase is high, all the times I’ve died it’s been here (except for that one time I walked over ivory). This, once figured out, isn’t that bad of a phase but could use a bit of a nerf when buffed by the other dragons and the only phase where I would say that a terrain gimmick is not needed, or preferred to not be there even. Then we have the charge phase, which is nice but a bit bland and could benefit greatly from a terrain gimmick, even if just for flavour and not gameplay. The Shade phase or something is alright on close range, but a joke when ranged. I suggest to make the shade a lot more aggressive and paralyze immune so you can’t keep them at bay that way, here could a gimmick also help. And then there is the last phase, which is pretty good. But depending on the shape of the smoke easy or nice difficulty. I think red and blue at too easy and purple might be, at glance, it should be, but I’ve taken quite a bit of damage in the latter runs, the green smoke is great tho, shapes and patterns, circle and it’s changing while the fight is going on. For the other colors, I would suggest; for red multiple paths coming from a single side or corner could work (like an eruption), for blue instead of straight corridor make them wavier (like waves), for purple maybe make it a spiral(s) or circles (like a tornado).

Arena Changes (Second fight onwards)

This, to me, is the weirdest part. Some stages barely change, some change a lot and the impact on the fight is different for each as well, moreover, there is not really any cohesiveness to it, even when from the same dragon. Though I do like it

Limoz’s changes;
Nikao: The waterways are visually pretty pleasing but don’t really add much to the fight, only if you’re circling on the outside it can be some hindrance. But from my experience, it doesn’t impact the chasing much, only the 2nd to last phase where you have to kill the shield when they are rotating on the outside. Where you can’t really keep up with that speed, but that solvable through waiting or picking a new target.
Pyrr: The lava around the rocks is alright and makes it a little harder, but there are a few rocks that aren’t changed which leave plenty of room to still walk around and thus negates part of the restriction the lava ones are supposed to bring. I suggest to just change all of the rocks to their lava counterpart.
Feargus: easily the most depressing here. As far as I noticed it’s just a visual change and nothing more. I would swap the rocks for small tornados who unstable you in a small radius around them for a few seconds.

Nikao’s Changes:
Limoz: The extra slowing from the ‘water’ is quite nice. At first, it felt a bit underwhelming, but I warmed up to it over the runs and it quite nice. More so when combined with the actual slow you feel as if you’re standing still, which make you basically a sitting duck for most attacks. (The visual is a bit appaling tho)
Pyrr: The change is a bit underwhelming, the damage increase from 0 to 20 is good, but just 20 damage doesn’t really deter from entering when felt its easier to, I think increasing it to 40 or so would have a much better deterring effect and make it more of a bullet hell with the think strokes of land to walk and dodge on.
Feargus: This is my favourite change here. The ice fits visually and it makes dodging a lot harder which combines well with the number of bullets flying your way (more so when chosen as 3rd or 4th).

Pyrr’s Changes:
Limoz: It’s small, neglectable and poses no threat. In fact, it can offer you a lot of protection, depending on the phase and your def total you can just stay still in the minion phase behind a rock and gun the minions down from there. if anything I would add more wall-like structures instead of just some rocks and make it so that enemies can shoot through those so it just hinders you movement, which in turn fits with Limoz’ area theme better.
Nikao: The slowing obsidian is great. Nothing more to say other than that it looks a bit funky with the colours.
Feargus: The hardest change of all I think. Increasing the difficulty by a substantial amount the pet stasis last for quite a bit and (if armour broken) also deals a good amount of damage. While in the end, all phases with these are doable (cleared PBGR on samurai and sorcerer tho a divine helps a lot). It does facilitate (for me at least) the hardest possible fight, which is not even Ivory, from this you can see that at this point it might be a bit OP. I would suggest still leaving it in but moving them all 3 or 4 tiles back (towards the walls). this way there should be more space to dodge the pet stasis during the minion phase and leaves a ‘safe spot’ in the middle of the room where it won’t reach.

Feargus’ Changes:
As mentioned before the changes in the area here are a bit lacking since its only there in the last phase and (to me) mostly feel a bit basic.
Limoz: The shape of the smoke is the best and offers the best challenge. During the rest, there could maybe just be some rock at least, like with Pyrr (tho that’s a bit lacking too)
Nikao: Here again the shape is lacking. I think adding rivers would be a basic step forwards here too, maybe something fancier
Pyrr: Same here. There could be lava pools as a start. Then again it all also depends on what the new gimmick would be (if there comes one) or what the new area will look like.

Inherited Boss Attacks (Third fight onwards)

In general, again, the switch between damage and status is awesome. This is the section where I have the least to say. In all the attacks and damage are fairly well set and close to nothing feels over the top. With the inherited attack all the more so. I can’t recall everything but most of this section is positive.
The only thing I would touch is in Limoz’ minion phase when buffed by Pyrr he should shoot some more, it felt a bit lacking. (even my note didn’t have anything on it, I just thought I had already noted something before that) I must say that in general Limoz’ fight lacks a bit oomph bare the last 2 phases.

Inherited Minion Attacks (Fourth fight)

Here too, the stuff is mostly positive. Having green as 3rd makes all 4th fight quite a bit more difficult. Mostly accounted for by sick it does stick out from the others. More so since purple minions don’t pet stasis (only at Limoz, but the minions there are a much smaller threat), which would be sick’s counterpart in this dungeon. Nothing bad but its something that stuck out to me. If something, the blue minions at Pyrr at a bit lacklustre. The damage is pretty low and the accuracy is pretty abysmal as well, if you have a rock to hide behind you basically have a safe spot there. So I’d say fix their accuracy and/or buff their damage. Maybe let them sit on you instead of just circling.


In Most cases, the terrain is lacking imo. There is just too much room to navigate, this leaves lots of room the safely retreat and removes most tension from the fight.
Limoz: This is the only one I like. Just for the fact that it severely reduces the space and room to retreat. It creates tense moments when you’re cornered by Ivory but, for me at least, still leaves just enough room to escape and make a run to heal back up. The only issue I have is that I sometimes get stuck behind the one jutting piece of wood at the end of the impassable area. Nothing like a bug, but just like you can get stuck in the low- and Midlands behind 3 trees in an L shape. I still haven’t made up my mind if I like it more or find it more annoying.
Nikao: As said imo this leaves too much space and freedom to apply hit and run. I think the crosses should be interconnected horizontally and vertically by either impassable water or damaging water (55 like the evil water) so it essentially deters people from moving to and from the inner and outer ring. You can still do it but through a corner (with a possible dangerous orb) or, depending on damaging or impassable, at the cost of a decent chunk of hp.
Pyrr: Mostly the same as Nikao’s. Maybe have Nikao’s be impassible and Pyrr’s just raw damage.
Feargus: I think that just having the smoke come in closer is a bit the bland. I’d suggest making it an ‘X’ pattern with the middle free. something like this:


I think all of them are pretty nice, tho I must highlight blue as being the most fun for me to fight against and the slow gives a tense feeling since a big chunk of the fight is Ivory chasing you. The green and red are decent as well. They could do with a small buff during the tentacle phase where you need to kill the statues, more leaning towards more attacks than straight up more damage. As for purple, I feel that the pet stasis could be a bit more prominent during the chase phases, the other ones are really cool, there the pet stasis is hard to avoid and offers a good challenge.


Like said before by something in this thread, the ‘most promising ally’ could do with something more interesting than just shooting one type of attack for the whole fight. And the fact that its straight damage and no status effect dampens the flair it should’ve gotten by a bit more. I Think that just adding some extra variety would do most of the job. The other statues are a bit flat as well but they serve less of a purpose during the fight so it isn’t really something that warrants a change.
I think the orbs fit this section as well. So the idea is good but the execution just doesn’t do it right in my view. Mostly green and blue. They just shoot one shot at you that moves slow and that’s it. Red and Purple benefit from the increased amount of shot, I usually get hit at least one. But that never happens with green and blue. So I would appeal for the same pattern or still have it a single aimed shot but at a higher Rate of Fire and a higher (projectile) speed.

That about sums it up.
Again I really like the rework and hope to see it on prod soon, or, even better, later and tweaked to perfection

Down here are the notes I wrote as I was completing the dungeon, there might be some extra stuff, and more impressive for the different combinations of attacks and terrains, but unless you’re going as in-depth as me or are one of the developers I would suggest to just skip it.


Some of this is weirdly in bold and idk how or why but bear with it if you’re reading this
(Samurai, close to 6/8, 3p st and lodestone occasional ray, 100/95 pet)
Green: fine
Blue: Green area is a bit underwhelming, it slows you down a lot but thats all, it build a bit on the normal water but nothing special without other dragon’s attacks (the double slow is a pain though)
Red: Minions can be overwhelming in those phases (unless circling), and the green area is again underwhelming
Purple: The armor break can be very scary but not unreasonably so, the change from no change in arena to the last phase is a bit starring but its averaged out well (this was the most difficult phase yet)
Ivory: The green area is great (that one tile you get stuck behind, love/hate relation). It’s a good obstacle, makes the chasing a lot more intense and you need to get closer when killing the statues

Green: Same as GBRP
Red: Green area underwhelming
Blue: Green Area is still a bit underwhelming, but synchronizes well with the armor break attack in the egg phase
Purple: Nexus (2nd circle phase)
–2nd try–
Purple: 2nd minion circle phase is scary, red is a lot better than blue in last phase
Ivory: Same as GBRP, but i feel that the orbs pose less of a threat since they just shoot a single shot which is not issue when you move around

Green: Same as GBRP
Purple: Maybe a bit more hp in the final phase so the pet statis attack will come out for certain, which ups the difficulty a bit when the dps is high. The sick addition from the green are is super nice, when youre hit youll have to fully focus on not getting hit or walking into the green smoke (love the insane damge there)
Blue: Pet Stasis is a sweet addition, the first cahse phase can become a bit tricky when slowed and pet statsised, good imo
Red: The pet stasis is nice, but here the green arena can become a serious cover, since the minions (blue) dont do that much damage you can stay behaind a rock so that pyrr’s shot dont hit you
Ivory: Pet statsis up the difficulty a good chunk, and the damage for the red statue makes a lot more of an impact then that of the purple one (even though its both high and purple is faster (speed and rof)

Green: Same as GBRP
Purple: Same as GPBR
Red: The pet stasis keep you on the move, which in turn makes the minions feel like less of a threat
Blue: Nothing notably different from GPBR, the minions’attack seems nicely balenced at a good 50 (armor piercing), at first i was afraid they would have armor break. Im glad they dont (I like higher difficulty, but that would be over the top)
Ivory: The red orbs make it a bit more dangerous compared to GPBR (sincethe blue statue will deal a good amount of damage that way), but nothing to add here

Green: Same as GBRP
Blue: Same as GBRP
Purple: Good, the combi of slow and pet stasis is difficult but never unreasonable, i also like the spirals that are around in most phases
Red: The slow he shoots in the chase phase are nice, you feel the intensity increase when youre slow when he’s charging you. And the amount of bullets in combination with the armor break in his ‘standby’ phase is pretty cool
Ivory: The petstasis orbs are a great difficulty increase, and with the slow on top you’re likely to get hit at least once

Green: Same as GBRP
Red: Same as GRBP
Purple: The phase in which you need to kill the big minions is a bit lacking imo, some more agressiveness, damage, or attacks from feargus himself might prove nice
Blue: nothing special
Ivory: nothing special

Blue: Pretty okay, the ‘wack-a-mole’ phase could be a bit shorter. Since i have to run up to do damage and rotate accordingly to be able to dodge a bit it takes longer than it should (imo)
Green: Blue Area change is viually super cool, but as gameplay its a bit flat
Purple: The green attacks (sick mostly) are put in in a balanced way, nothing to remark but ‘well done’. the Arena changes however isnt that great. The lack of any is alright when made up in the end like with limoz’, but this pattern felt severly lacking in difficulty. Maybe increasing the amount of slow shots fired or make the paths a bit more narrow, maybe making the paths wavy instead of straight could be nice (like waves)
Red: Amazing. The slower movement hurt quite a bit in this case since you have to be constantly rotating/moving around, combined with the sick and spiral as green attacks this is one of the more tense fights. The increased damage from the minions is also a small be important thing in the fight.
Ivory: The sick as addition is good, but the freedom in area compared to limoz’ makes this fight feel like a breeze now. I think that adding damagable water in between the crosses (connecting them horizontally and vertically) would be a great addtion, so you cant retreat as easily as you want. Taking damage or being slow and really close to an orb.

Blue: Same as BGPR
Green: Same as BGPR
Red: Same as BGPR but a little easier since the minions do 20 less damage (1/3 less with my 60 def)
Purple: Nothing special to note except that the ‘kill big minions’ phase can be nasty if you’re reliant on the higher def of a heavy armor class
Ivory: The sick armor break combination can be nasty, but the huge map makes it easy to retreat and come out whilst being pretty safe

Blue: Same as BGPR
Purple: Nothing else special to note
Green: Decent, but there isnt enough concentrated damage to make the extra heal block (pet stasis) seem like a threat (except for last (charging) phase)
Red: the sick and pet stasis combi is great, and i recon it to be very lethal with a rare or less pet
Ivory: the same combi work again, at least is what i wouldve said if i can get hit by the orbs. They fire few slow shots, imo that is something that could use a tweak/buff

Blue: The slow in the ‘wack-a-mole’ phase could last a bit longer imo (i think is about half a second atm)
Purple: Nothing special
Red: Nothing else special
Green: While the total damage output got an steady increase compared to BPGR it still was something easy to handle because it is fairly easy to evade it
Ivory: nothing special to note

Died on Feargus’ ‘tentacle’ phase, switched to trix for one run, then back to samurai

Blue: Nothing new
Red: Pyrr seem pretty susceptable to decoys (nikao circles around em)
Green: Nothing new
Purple: 180 damage plus sick might be a bit much for the ‘tentacle’ phase (which is already one of the dealiest phase)
Ivory: Some chasing phases are pretty susceptable to decoying, but not all and the other stuff should shoot you. Just noted doesnt really need to change

Blue: Nothing new
Red: Nothing new
Purple: Nothing new
Green: The waterways can be a slight hindrance when low def and trying to kill the first shield when they circle (2nd last phase)
Ivory: Nothing special to note

Red: Phases feel solid and good. pyrr’s ‘stationary’ phase might be a breeze if on a ranged char though. It could use some extra attack if unbuffed as well, since you can pretty easily weave in between the big shots and take close to no damage (if you’re good even evade everything)
Green: Red area is alright, i think changes all the rocks to their lava counterpart would be nicer, since this just feels more of a visual change rather than gameplay (except of that one that close to the middle)
Purple: Red area is severely lacking imo, in this case, the sick plus armor break will make it a bit of a challenge but thats only if both of them hit. While the cloud shape fits its mostly just visual since circling is the go-to anyway. Maybe multiple paths coming from a single side or corner could work (like an eruption)
Blue: A good fight, the sickness it shoots make it quite a bit more dangerous; in the first chase, ‘wack-a-mole’, minion and the last phase as well (but to a slightly lesser degree). Overall pretty darn solid.
Ivory: Arena is underwhelming, lots of free movement space. Same change can be made as with the water, the sick shots were nice

Red: nothing new
Blue: Arena change is a bit underwhelming, the damage increase form 0 to 20 is good, but just 20 damage doesnt really deter me from entering when i feel its easier, i think increasing it to 40 or so would have a much better deterring effect
Green: Nothing special, the lava plus slow dont warrant much extra precaution compared to each on their own
Purple: The sick plus pet stasis in the ‘tentacle’ phase is extremely lethal if you make just a slight mistake

samurai now has life maxed as well

Red: Nothing new
Purple: Nothing new
Green: Again the pet stasis makes it a bit dangerous, but not much or to a degree of needed to take much caution (and you’re already dodging here because of the weak)
Blue: Good, Most notable is the minion/egg phase where the minions sick is semi permanent which made me go down real fast (use a few hp pots) and play the rest of the phase pretty reserved, the whack-a-mole phase deserves a mention too since the pet stasis play a serious role here. The shots are faster than the sicken ones and makes (or at least made me) take quite a few of those (and they looks better within the blue theme)
Ivory: the pet stasis is a nice thing to increase the difficulty, but the sheer size of the arena doesnt really make me feel that much pressure

Purple: Here too does the smoke in the last phase have a way too easy pattern to walk in. A spiral might be cool (tornado-like)
Red: The tornado’s make it severly more difficult. Its not unbeatable (by a long shot) but it definetly goes above ice cave or ot in difficulty. To me this would be about cult’s level (whose is right under mbc and void)
Green: terrain is really underwhelming it doesnt do anything, the attack are nothing new to note
Blue: the ice is cool and a nice addition from just water because the ability to dodge is reduced by a decent amount. The minion/egg phase is also maybe a bit above the ot grade; its harder to dodge everything, you have to primarily focus dodging the armor break shots and the sick from the minions is secondary, and i didnt even pay any attention to the normal bullets nikao shot. The combi of sick and armor broken can very quickly become lethal because the minions then deal a nice 80 (or 85 cant recall) damage, which stacks pretty quickly. I like it a lot, i felt a little tense, but if you ask me its above ot level of difficulty by quite a margin
Ivory: Nothing new here, the arena still leaves open too big of a space for me

Purple: Nothing new
Blue: Soley the ice change doesnt add or subtract a lot from this fight, it doesnt even feel that out of place. If there’s something that could be changed? I dont have any better idea’s, and its far from bad as it is
Green: Nothing new
Red: Without a doubt the hardest fight yet (even tho i didnt die). Most of the time the sick pet pet stasis will get to you and with the blue boomerang shots being a constant damage dealer youre bound to get in trouble sooner or later, without a divine pet i would have probably not survived this (or barely while clearing the remaining few hp pots). This is far above the difficulty scale of ot, this phase is on par with mbc. Nonetheless it was something fun, so if there’s ever gonna be a hard-mode again this should be a part of it.
Ivory: Nothing too grand. Blue seems to be the coolest addition of boss attacks

Purple: Nothing new
Green: Nothing new
Red: Decent combi of sick and pet stasis, hard without overly so, it still fits the supposed difficulty (which i, by now, place a little above OT)
Blue: The ice and sick (shots) work great together, it adds a bit of a challenge without being overwhelming
Ivory: Nothing new

Purple: Nothing new
Red: A good fight, the tornados add a lot and unlike others, i think its a great addition
Green: in the minion phase
Blue: The armor break and sickness is great and the ice makes it more tricky to dodge so thats great too, the other phases werent too special.
Ivory: Nothing special

Overall it seems a bit easier with both a stun and substantially higher defence albeit a bit slower since you have less range, no multi-hit and the burst (and buff) of the waki

Sorcerer: PBGR;
The minions pose more of a threat, but the bosses themselves a lot less, since you can create a lot of distance (more so with sceptre, i used devastation (main) and reef (for clustered minions on green, blue and mostly red)

Thanks @Nevov for the small forum help

The General Chat Thread

Thanks everyone for the feedback!

We’ll compile everything and re-assess each part of the dungeon and how to tweak them. I can’t stress enough how amazing the reception has been and I look forward to be able to deliver an even better version of what was available on public testing as soon as we can!


S did I miss it, or does green have a status effect assosiated with it?


Green sick

Blue slow, black pet stasis, red armor break


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PT: Classes balancing part 1, Gigantic Cave(Fungal Forest + Crystal Cave), LoD, LoS



OP has been updated and the first comment now has the changelog


Order: Green, Red, Black, Blue.

Pretty nice. I like the increased amount of rocks at Red when Green is picked first, as well as the decreased presence of the Shade Tornadoes when Black is picked first.
Blue’s increased vulnerability during Whack-A-Dragon is also a good change.


Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I prefer this new Ivory Sprite. Fits better with the other Dragons.
Nice music choice for the video, haha.

I’m so happy with this LoD. Fantastic work and intelligent Dungeon Design.




this happened, i was confused at first because it respawns if killed (even after the fight) but it doesnt seem to hinder anything (got it in the last statue phase)


How are people getting those LH whites and stuff? Even if people do pop LHs from time to time, its hard to believe you would get so many.


In previous public testing there have often been ways to get UTs and STs outside of playing. Sometimes you get them on character creation, some were available from the shop. Vault them or don’t die with them and you could still have some, as chars, vault contents + pets persist between testing sessions.

They seem to have cut back on that now, giving everyone instead tops. Also instead of keys the dungeons instead as portals in the nexus. Now all (‘all’) you can buy in the shop is fame and FP for pets.


Tried the new Draconis event, and really like what’s been done. Thinking on all the changes they are all positive, though I did notice one issue. First the good things:

  • confuse -> slow. YES. Makes for a safer battle, less likely to die due to being steered into the big guy or a god by confuse. And a quicker one as you can get and stay closer, not being deflected by confuse, not standing far back for fear of being confused into his shots
  • the new way it moves seems only a little different but less predictable, making it harder where he will go and strafing him as he goes past. Better I think
  • The biggest change is the phases being HP not time based. A massive improvement for soloing or doing it with very few people. Will also mean it gets steamrollered less easily, in line with other events
  • And I like the changes for the second half of the battle; the extra shots make it more interesting without being too crazy hard. I was playing Sorc though, a melee char might see things differently.

The only problem was the last phase seemed to take a very long time. There was no confuse so I was getting in damage pretty easily, though it was a little harder with the extra shots. But its HP seemed way higher than the current event in prod. The event started with 2 people but the second half of it I did alone, so its HP should be the lowest possible for HP scaling purposes. But it seemed to take much more time than I expected it would.


Gee who would’ve thought, a game on whack-a-mole in rotmg. What has DECA come to

Thats a nice feature. I remember the first times I was playing rotmg and did this part, I’d stay with the group and then suddenly Pyrr comes at me, armor breaks me and I had no where to run except the lava so I’d either nexus out of safety, die or somehow find my way out of it. Now I know how to deal with it but still a nice feature for newer players I guess.