Lair of Draconis Weekend Event [Sep 6th to Sep 10th]


Not sure if Deca will make a Reddit post since this event was posted in the Keyper patch notes, but this was in the in-game news.

Crystal Bonus Rewards [Sep 6th to Sep 28th]

Ofc, who dies this morning ?


Artwork for the event

(since Nevov likes to post these)


@Nevov Delete his post, then post your own!


thanks deca… how in the world can this happen???


They also announced this event as part of a combo post on the Reddit:

Seems they’re using 3x fame; 1.5x loot as a big bribe to keep players in chains all weekend; but then they also have the Keyper trash thing going on at the same time. Not good synergy between the events IMO.

Nice, where did you get it from? The main menu screen graphic looks like:

But yours is a better quality.


Oh shoot right I forgot you usually take a ss, I get mine off discord where a bot posts announcements, not sure how the bot gets that graphic though haha


Must be from digging the image directly from the game code.


seems Lod is not very popular today (saturday) I tried a few but not many came in and it was 85/85 realm. Frankly I hate the LoD and I feel that the event still not worth doing.


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