Laserquest's ppe thread


I loved Sphinx on my ppe archer, however I also relied heavily on my quiver and dexterity to be able to run close to a group of gods in order to maximize my DPS on them, so Sphinx was definitely helpful with quiver and dps


i might use sphinx on wizard, especially with lep and everything


More spellbombs plus an addition to the already insane wizard dps is nice


i just dont really want to give up the hp ring, since i have pretty low def and hp


;-; i want a tomb white


1/8 yay


Wow, vit first
Probably only because if the event



all three of my cswords were from ppes


interesting 3 troom tomb

@Nameness you’re fast


2/8 in def

lab robe yeet
not screenshotted yet, but i got a yuletide in an oryx castle later


I just wish that when my ppes got whites, it woul be a white for their class


some stuff from yesterday



… of course its a sphinx


Another Sphinx???

But hey

Also isn’t that the same wizard who got the other one???




keyboard glitch bug thing happened and i walked on top of geb. rip
EDIT: i might have actually died to bes’s boomerang shots




play trickster


ill try rogue or assassin actually, havent played those in a while






started my assassin ppe today


rare mystery skin

1/8 ppe
i got expo from 2nd later