Laserquest's ppe thread


no i just want to play on my other chars


No, I mean like wtf is the event


first dungeon i do




The events of last month were motmg-ish, with 2 event chests at any given day, along with an extra hightier event chest each weekend. The content of the chests were monthly shards, you needed 80 to get the final reward; the penguin warrior skin, and for each 20 along the way you got an epic quest chest.

Aside from that there was also the easter egg event up to the 19th of april, (along with biff spawning with the usual drops + magic eggs,) where you could exchange magic eggs(tokens) for golden eggs(tokens) at a 10:2 ratio. The golden eggs could be exchanged for items and the bunny wizard skin.

tshot reskin: 100 golden eggs
ASS reskin: 60 golden eggs
scutum reskin: 80 golden eggs
fire dragon battle armor reskin: 40 golden eggs
UBDef reskin: 20 golden eggs
bunny wizard skin: 80 golden eggs

In the first chest event eggs were decently obtainable, after that they became rare.
I only farmed that chest event for 1-2 days, and although I played actively throughout the month, in the end I was only able to afford the skin and the UBDef reskin. I got ~35 golden eggs from the first chest event.


i got 10 golden eggs the first event chest, but i finished the event with only 36 golden eggs. a ubdef i probably will never use


i did a lot of snake pits during the cinco de mayo event




Laser, could you do me a favor and not play on browser. Please. Lol thinking of the lag you get bothers me and brings back bad memories.

  1. i didn’t die of lag
  2. im on chromebook
  3. i have flash on my laptop, im at school right now
    im kinda used to lag, i use chromebook so much i know when to get my damage in in most bosses


Ok gotcha


Considering your school uses chromebooks, I think it would be reasonable to think that they just might have a windows virtualization program similar to VMware Horizon. Presuming that your school made you an account, it shouldn’t be too hard to login and download flash.


the problem is that flash projector(the download stuff) is that they can’t run with chromebooks. unless i get windows 10 on my chromebook


thats what i mean
my school has a vmware domain, and i have friends in other districts whose schools have that as well. It loads windows 7 as a tab on a chromebook.


13 PM
new record?


lol just like last time


it died
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starting sorc ppe on monday(out of town this weekend)