Least Favorite Dungeon?




Candy land is rigged…


sees the most voted least favorite dungeon

quietly puts on his hood


Honestly I can’t see why it is most voted


Look at Omni. It’s supposed to be the best ring, the most coveted white bag… But after the hype died down people just call overrated.
Imo the item that is the best should be by general opinion, not be put in the slot by default
That’s prob why o2 doesn’t have a white?


Well, I think its because public runs of that dungeon aren’t efficient, discouraging most players to continue running them. But I think that with a little more cooperation, bosses would spawn quicker and clearing would feel much like a group effort, rather than a chore they have to go through to make the bosses spawn. Yes, it is still farming, but no one said that farming has to be boring or annoying.

Imagine harvesting an entire acre of land. Now, there a few are people that harvest with you, but they think that, like you, its an annoying chore they have to do. And you are disorganized, like instead of saying “Hey guys, lets do that this way, lets start here and lets finish there, because it is efficient” you say “Hey guys, let’s harvest!”. So nothing’s getting done, chaos has invited itself to the party and everybody hates harvesting. AND there are people literally waiting for you guys to finish harvesting so they can enjoy the wheat too, when you think to yourself “They should help us harvest because it will be quicker” when in reality it’ll only add to the chaos that is allready there, because you are disorganized.

Now imagine the same scenario, but the farmers are organized and do their job quicker. Because its no more discouraging, more people might be tempted to join and it would be good because each pair of hand is truly useful. You see that the work is getting quickly done, and because of that you enjoy harvesting, and your happy so you are more likely to interact with other people, engaging conversations, joking around and many other things.

But public runs aren’t like that, so that might be why. Anyway I hope that this helped ya, and everyone else that reads it!

Water-powered Machine


Fun Fact: For some species of spiders.,the babies eat their own mother, using the body as shelter. That’s where you get all of the disturbing dead giant spider videos from. (And perhaps also why Arachna is afraid of her son)


Cool spider fact!


I believe that Xill is supposed to be the Void Entity. He plays the same role of the mystical dark entity, as he did with Esben and The others. Also, when Dachi dies, Xill clawed purple hand comes to claim dachi, which sounds like the Void Entity.


toxic sewers for me just cuz i hate how they made it basically the main/only way to farm def. i miss the back when u could just chill and farm abyss :frowning:


Well you have something called farming in GLand, it’s easier but does not yield too much.


Abby still gives consistent defense
Not always, but still viably farmable


I actually really like the reef. I think its the best designed dungeon out of all the boss-only dungeons. It makes clever use of the underwater mechanic and forces you to constantly be dodging. The only problem is that the learning curve is pretty steep and lots of players don’t think the risk is worth the meager reward.


Wait a minute I just noticed that. Do you actually think EP is the best staff or were you being ironic?


He said “point blank.”


Update on my first post: I managed to rush an abyss for the first time, and it felt SO GOOD!
But then I died later, (check death thread) and I no longer will feel comfortable rushing.

In other words, abyss is still my most hated dungeon


So he meant the best point blank staffs? Because in french it means surely or categorically, almost all the time. And it would be one of the best jokes ive heard.


Long story short: it was fun while it lasted.


it felt so good because i hate the dung so much.

I can probably rebuild to get there pretty easy, especially with the cavern event (i can run a bunch to get another shield, as well as get the pots I need.)


I have to say ur wrong, being herded is for people who are less experience. Once you get to a certain point you play better and more independently and you barely listen to the rl if at all and focus on damaging and dodging excessively.