Least Favorite Dungeon?


The opposite of my thread Favorite Dungeon?
What’s your least favorite dungeon? Vote and explain below!

    • Pirate Cave
    • Forest Maze
    • Spider Den
    • The Hive
    • Forbidden Jungle
    • Snake Pit
    • Magic Woods
    • Sprite World
    • Candyland Hunting Grounds
    • Cave of a Thousand Treasures
    • Haunted Cemetery
    • Undead Lair
    • Abyss of Demons
    • Manor of the Immortals
    • Puppet Master’s Theatre
    • Toxic Sewers
    • Cursed Library
    • The Machine
    • The Inner Workings
    • Mad Lab
    • Parasite Chambers
    • Davy Jones’ Locker
    • Mountain Temple
    • Lair of Draconis
    • Deadwater Docks
    • Woodland Labyrinth
    • Crawling Depths
    • Ocean Trench
    • Ice Cave
    • Tomb of the Ancients
    • Fungal Cavern
    • Crystal Cavern
    • The Nest
    • The Shatters
    • Lost Halls
    • Cultist Hideout
    • The Void
    • Lair of Shaitan
    • Puppet Master’s Encore
    • Cnidarian Reef
    • Secluded Thicket
    • Heroic Undead Lair
    • Heroic Abyss of Demons
    • Battle for the Nexus
    • Santa’s Workshop
    • Ice Tomb
    • Rainbow Road
    • Mad God Mayhem
    • The Arena
    • Oryx’s Castle (Including Chamber and Cellar)

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Favorite Dungeon?

My least favorite is the abyss. Oh my god its so frustrating when it leads you on, then throws a wall in your face over and over. In addition, there is very little room, the enemies are fast and dangerous.
And salt in the wound, the reward isn’t that great


Candyland; if you want a chance at the white bags and STs, you have to sit in the dungeon and farm continuously for long periods, which gets extremely repetitive.


Gonna have to disagree with the popularish opinion against the Abyss.
I quite enjoy that dungeon because… well…

I like to rush it. I hop on a melee/prot priest and run through it (or sometimes even on other classes like archer, sorc)
The sound of all the demons taking damage is sorta like ASMR to me and it’s really calming.

I love to just find abysses randomly and rush them, I don’t even pick up the pots sometimes (or I’ll give them to friends)

I’ve done so many that I know sorta how to not run into dead ends. The best way I can describe it is just to count the approximate number of rooms you’ve gone (and compare that to the total which is ~18 or smth I believe, after the nerf ofc). If you’re running out of rooms, take the most direct split, otherwise, take a split that’ll wrap for a bit.

Now, forest maze… the one dungeon I just never do because, quite frankly, there isn’t a point. There’s no gear to acquire that you couldn’t just get from the Realm chests and the dungeon is a maze that’s really irritating. It’s not even challenging like WLab. I remember as a newish player, finding this dungeon for the first time, beating it, and then never touching it again because I discovered there was no point other than the time I hopped a trix just to see how fast I could do it.

Suggestion: Give Forest Maze an early-game UT like Hive. PCave has one (technically, though the ST ring is really bad) and so does Jungle.


19 between spawn and boss.

Also i’m not good enough to rush, so once i figure that out,i’ll probably enjoy it alotot more


Once you learn how to do it, you should be able to start doing it on more and more classes.

Speaking of rushing and your profile picture, one of my favorite rushing classes for that dungeon is necro. You have a pretty strong MHeal so you should be good for that.

I’d recommend starting out on paladin, and once that get’s easy enough move on to spicy classes like warrior. Necro is probably the easiest out of all the robe classes (excluding prot priest or certain more endgamey priest builds). Mystic rush is stressful but can be pulled off with skill, it’s a lot like warrior with a lot more stress.

Don’t try wizard. Even with a really strong pet and lots of skill, you might get clapped: https://youtu.be/ROPGaASCcos?t=93
(I also learned this the hard way and lost a tablet + crown to this >.<)

At this point I think assassin is the only class I haven’t done it on, but many classes I can’t do it consistently, especially ninja, trix, mystic, and huntress.

Also, if you have a good wis-build set, pair it up with a cnidaria rod and you can basically speedclear the abyss at a speed that’s similar to rushing.


Shatters because its so broken. I think I did less than 15 runs in the last 2 years. Old Bella was much worse though.

Other dungeons that I don’t like are the crystal cavern because its just tanking and avoiding the instakills, the Arena because of the bad design, Davy and Ddocks because its such a boring waste of time that you have to do for the marks.


The Hive, followed closely by the Void.

The Hive offers pretty alright gear for midlands but bombards you with shots that deal 50 damage, on regular enemies. As a reminder: the highest damage in the midlands is usually dealt by Clockwork Golems, with their 37 damage parametric shots, or in the rare occassion you’re in mid-sand, 45 damage from the bigger shot from Fire Golems - and those have a whole start-up to that big shot.
But the Hive’s bees? Nope, 50 damage, straight up.
And the worst part is that if they spawn from Maggots, they’ll deal 55 because of an oversight.
To add onto it, the angry bees deal Bleeding, which is an absolutely detrimental debuff to newer players, since it basically cuts off the majority of their regen.
Not to even begin on the bossfight, jeez…

The reasoning for the Void is less so a problem with the “dungeon” itself, but moreso with accessing it. Namely how it’s locked behind the Vial and MBC, while the alternative for Cult exists - a relatively easier dungeon with nearly similar payout in terms of pots, albeit without new tops and 8 UTs.
Nonetheless, it’s really annoying that you’ll basically never run a public Void.

Oh, and I agree with Mynamerr on Shatters, but I don’t want to rant about that. CCavern is alright, could maybe use a few more status effects.


It was a tossup between Toxic Sewers and Lost Halls. I ended up settling on Sewers because while Lost Halls is impossible to run in public groups by design, I hate the status spam in Sewers and unavoidable sickness so much more.

Shoutouts to Manor, Ice Tomb, Cemetary and Candy Land. You guys also suck, but not as much.


Fungal Cavern for its wack aesthetic. The colors do not blend and it does not really feel like a “cavern” to me.


I went with heroic UDL because I could only pick one of the two and it happened to come first. my beef with the heroic dungeons isn’t really about what they’re like now, it’s more about the context in which they came about. the entire thing was urged against at every stage even on the conceptual level, and deca pushed through it all anyway and next thing we know the very thing we’ve been telling them not to do has officially been pushed to prod. and to the surprise of absolutely no one, it got bashed into oblivion by negative community responses the instant it was announced. maybe the heroic aby could be considered the worse of the two since they learned basically nothing from the previous one and released a second anyway, but I think I’m leaving my vote for HUDL for starting the whole mess.


Lost Halls is easily the worst because the only way to do the dungeon is to be herded by a shepherd


Old Bella was way easier than new Bella, at least for me.


Shatters by a long shot. Drops little loot and is literally the same dungeon every time


image Pirate Cave., running it’s a meme (basically) but I still run them for Tunnel Rat, never gotten the ST drop.
image Forest Maze. Nothing interesting here, maybe they should make the new Huntress ST ring drop here?
image Spider Den. Only good for it’s healing inchors and Tunnel Rat, why is the mother weaker than the son anyways?
image Snake Pit. Buffing the Bulwark drop rate and adding some ST drops should make it a bit more popular, skin isn’t half bad (if I’ll ever get it).
image Forbidden Jungle. Only run these for Tunnel Rat though the staff isn’t terrible, I also love the spriting and decorations.
image The Hive. It’s nice that it drops a unique sceptre, no problems with this one.
image Magic Woods. Fun and fast.
image Sprite World. EP still one of the bests staffs point blank, Planeswalker still unique and useful.
image Candyland Hunting Grounds. Too grindy, even with Cupcake, they should make the spawn rates/radiuses of the lil’ ones a bit better though,
Treasure%20Cave%20PortalCave of a Thousand Treasures. Fun, but it really should have a unique drop,
image Haunted Cemetery. I can’t even imagine the pain of grinding Plague or Resu, the dungeon idea isn’t bad, but it does feel boring after a few runs or events.
image Undead Lair. Fun, drops are decent/unique, haven’t seen a TRoom yet.
image Abyss of Demons. Adrenaline pumping when rushing, TRooms are interesting, but maybe buff DBalde?
image Manor of the Immortals. Love it, haven’t seen a TRoom yet (not that I know how to look for them), Puri still one of the best tomes.
image The Puppet Master’s Theatre. Harle isn’t bad, I’ve never played with any of the prisms but Dancing sounds decent, rushing gives me heart attacks though.
image Toxic Sewers. Hate the constant sick, but it’s just another challenge. I feel that the Master Rat should be changed a bit so that it won’t disappear/die/go away after just one person says the wrong thing.
image Cursed Library. Love the unique boss fight, whites aren’t bad.
image The Machine. So many whites and ST’s in this dungeon, I feel that some shouldn’t have been added/should be changed however (such as the Fool’s Prism and Lightning in a Bottle), it is also my belief that the Cheater Armor shouldn’t have been dropped and remain as a vintage/cool throwback.
image Mad Lab. I like how it incorporates the green “mutation” pools. 2nd boss is kinda lame however.
imageParasite Chambers. The barrels.
image Beachzone. Lit.
image Davy Jones’s Locker. Sometimes the keys take a long time to find, boss fight isn’t anywhere near the lamest.
image Mountain Temple. Love the design/spriting, loot is good, enemies are more challenging, we need to hear more about Xil!
image Lair of Draconis. I like that it takes someone with an actual brain to do this, I don’t know about the drop rates though.
image Deadwater Docks. Fun, fast, and spicy!
image Woodland Labyrinth. Not a big fan of the quiet and paralyzing turrets (though it would be lame without them in a way), loot and boss fight aren’t bad (love how he/she kinda evolves/grows up), TRoom hurts a bit which makes you feel like you earned it when you get a white/ST.
image The Crawling Depths. TRooms a bit janky to me, everything else looks alright.
image Ocean Trench. Master of none, but it doesn’t suck as well.
image Ice Cave. Pretty lame, boss fight is a bit repetitive but unique.
image Tomb of the Ancients. Lame.
image Fungal Cavern. Only run these for Decas, never finished one of these.
image Crystal Cavern. Never done this, loot seems good, didn’t know you could buy the key?
image The Nest. The bee’s are scary man! (also thicc queen sprite)
image The Shatters. Why can’t the loot just drop where the boss died?
image Lost Halls. MBC isn’t that hard, it’s overall decent, but with how many times people have run it, it feels like a chore.
image Cultist Hideout. Can’t stay still for too long!
image The Void. Like a good endgame dungeon should be.
image Malogia. I like the Aliens sitting on the outside of the “arena”, makes you really feel like you’re on a distant planet.
imageUntaris. Stop the leaching, but otherwise cool.
image Forax. The green/toxic water, 3rd boss sprite, and overall feel isn’t blended together right.
image Katalund. Like the smog/gas feature, they should’ve done something like this for all of them.
image Lair of Shaitan. Revamp makes it you put in actual effort.
image Puppet Master’s Encore. Not too boring, but very repetitive.
image Cnidarian Reef. I’ll never step into this dungeon again after getting the poison unless I lose it or there’s an event.
image Secluded Thicket. Action packed, Xolotl’s survival phase is really unique/cool, loot isn’t bad.
image Heroic Undead Lair. Haven’t done the updated one.
image Heroic Abyss of Demons. Kinda ranged bias, the loot isn’t horrible, when can we see this dropped/sold regularly?
image Battle for the Nexus. Loot is really rare, also why can’t we perma stun actual O2 this effectively?
image Belladonna’s Garden. The skins and whites are cool, still have no clue how to do it.
image Ice Tomb. Love the redskins, but why can’t the loot drop when they die instead of all at the end?
image Rainbow Road. Simple.
image Santa’s Workshop. Never done one, but the loot seems good if you know what you’re doing.
image Mad God Mayhem. Action packed, even if loot is hard to come by.

Favorite Dungeon?

Kinda just put my opinion on all the dungeons, I voted for Reef.


This is actually a feature in all four wormhole maps. The others are just harder to see due to the environmental structure/hazards (especially Forax since you need to turn an off centered camera to the outskirts while moving through the surrounding acid). Little bits of environmental storytelling like that is something we want to do more of!



Utterly fascinating.


That was kind of the problem: Unless a flower spawned on you it was ultra braindead and extremly repetitive.


I forgot o2 was an option. Yes I am still bitter he stacked shot me. He also doesn’t drop a single white and he is the face of the game.