Least Favorite Dungeon?


you still have to be in a discord, big no-no


Ive done a void with 5 ppl before and it went smooth, that was a guild one. Requires skill and coordination and thats it. Well this is a debate so we could always agree to disagree.




eww warrior


personally, i would have to say hudl or habyss because both dungeons have pretty poor design and the loot really isn’t all that appealing anyway


At first I picked the Haunted Cemetery, a rather long dungeon to complete for most of the time, miserable loot. But after rethinking it a bit, the Cemetery at least feels like an established dungeon, and I can only think of one disappointing elephant in the room: The Shatters

The Shatters is a dungeon with so much potential to become better, but is overshadowed by inherently terrible design choices in its boss fights, map design, severe lack of diversity in loot and its intended audience. I originally had written a long rant about it, but I think some of them have already been repeated a bunch of times elsewhere, so I’ll leave it at that


I do truly hope that the shatters rework that deca said will happen is going to make the dungeon much more relevant in the game.
I personally run shatters because I enjoy the experience of the dungeon, but lately, I have been getting tired of it, and mainly, the lack of diversity and loot.
When I was newer to the game, the consistent design was something that drew me to the dungeon, but now its just boring


Well, if it’s Toastrz that’s gonna bee leading it…

…I’ll let you make of that what you will - bee it positive or negative ;3


Well Toastrz did design my favorite dungeon, the magic woods, so I’m excited


A tie between…

Haunted Cemetery
Toxic Sewers
Cursed Library

Just do an abyss


some minor QOL improvments for CEM and shatters

Cem: make the rounds between enemies shorter

Shatter: it takes like 30 minutes for “DO NOT WAKE THE BRIDGE GUARDIAN”


Ok my least favorite dungeon is

Shatters! I just find the dungeon wayyyy to repetitive and boring. Im just waiting for the rework rn.
Maybe the second most is cland just because its bore


Lol, I like all three of those dungeons you mentioned more than abyss. After the rework, I actually think cemetery is a great dungeon. Especially doing it duo, it doesn’t take too long and yields very nice loot. Cursed Library is a great one to learn rushing and has pretty decent mid-level bosses with three guaranteed pots. Sew was really threatening at first, but isn’t all that bad once you get used to it and generally gives 2+ def if you take out the slime gods along the way.

Abby, on the other hand, is all a single color palette, the enemies move really fast and do a ton of damage, the map layout is unpredictable and annoying, and you can frequently go through the entire brutal experience and only get a single vit pot out of it, basically the least useful stat pot in the game.

Just my 2c.


I agree that Cems tend to take long. I think a good compromise would be 3rd round being the Pumpkin King or Graveyard Caretaker. It would make it slightly harder to farm the UTs though :frowning:.


Let’s not forget the King’s unnecessary long tentacle phase. The only reason people get cucked there is because their key got stuck or they lag step. Other than that, no one is going to die to 6 slowly rotating tentacles with a few miniscule lava souls coming out once in a while, it’s a rather pointless phase that adds little to the fight

Let’s also not begin on how you’re even supposed to dodge the King’s final attack successfully without cheesing it (ie. not rendering him like how most shatters are done). Tricksters could do it, maybe priests, but every other class is basically screwed. It just doesn’t make sense at all, and I’m pretty sure that if the boss was still rendered in despite being that far, this phase would have been reworked long time ago.


More like 30 to 60 seconds after reaching to 1st boss room.




I really like reef but the whites aren’t worth it IMO. Am I wrong to assume that the poison is literally a gimped sporous spray spell? The scepter I thought was useless at first, but I do see the uses for it now. Anyway, reef is a very fun fight and I will run it for fun sometimes.


Spider Den.

And its because i still think that the black splodges on the back of the spider is actually the face.

The game really needs some TLC in lowlands spriting. The age difference is hilariously clear in some places


Someone reminded me that I can still accuracy farm from the webs, best advice ever for piercing classes.