Let's see what you're hoarding! Post your muledumps here



y tho


Could be that they’re stored on different accounts.



What is with all this unused mystery stuff?


Mules who got the 100 rainbows.


I am talking about all his mystery skins


Mules who got the free mystery skins.


im rich


validity of this statement has increased tenfold with ice tomb event


i wouldn’t actually mind seeing what ur muledump is at, seeming as the last time u showed us was half a year ago.


my muledump is broken cuz i have way too many accounts/items, i can only tell you what i have right now b/c i cant be arsed to fix muledump so it supports 14k mules


go on


Okay, I know this is an old reply, but why is your profile picture a faded version of CandyShi’s


i just took someones profile picture


triggers pikaplague flashbacks


shit dude i really cant be arsed but 1.8k spd, 1.2k dex, 1k vit, 600 wis, 4.5k def, 5.3k att, 3.4k mana, 4k life, 100 decas . . . list goes on but i dont feel like it




What’s your main ign


you might know him as “rotmg troller”