Let's see what you're hoarding! Post your muledumps here


why do you have 16 t0 staves




Best item in the game /s
mules tend to be unleveled and therefore have 50 starting gear on them


If you didn’t guess, item 0x13d5 is a…




Y’alls making me feel poor


Don’t worry I’m poorer


Prove it, you won’t


I don’t even have stored pots


That’s quite possibly the largest oof


my epic collection


i dont think anyone can top that muledump


my muledump just has a few trashy sts and maybe a white bag or two, beat that @nameness I don’t have stored pots either >:]


2 esben skulls, and maybe 4 or 5 wc tops


I feel now is a good time to show off white bag totals

I apparently have a thing for cbows.


Whats with the 0, but highlighted plagues?


tear I previously owned but no longer have a plague :frowning:

The output shows two values: Owned (highlighted) and totals (this can be current totals, or an all time counter, or a custom value). I had to manually mark the plague as owned. Such a tragedy.


So what did you use to list those , and why is the scrapped Pd armor and scrapped poison in there?

Edit: I also don’t recognize this
Is it like a scrapped helmet with an (but overshaded) awesome sprite?


It’s called InvinciMe and it gives the user invincibility or something idrk


In Muledump, right click on a mule and choose White Bag Tracker. Pulls up an owned and totals tracker for white bags :slight_smile: It lists almost every item that identifies as a white including some practically unobtainable items (re: admin items, etc). Left them in for now purely because they look interesting.


Update since my last post.