Let's see what you're hoarding! Post your muledumps here



3 pumpkin juggs jeez


some people have lots of spare time on their hands


wtf how that much? whoa.



Why does your entire muledump look rwt’d


Maybe he’s a mercher?


that kinda what my old muledump looked like except with more tops (since it was worth something).

Its quite obviously he’s a mercher, why else would you have so many of the same skin.


4 void quivers
still no Mwoods orb
i mean it’s not like I want one but


god same. Ive gotten 3 of the staffs.

But i actually want the orb.


Now I feel bad for leaving the orb in the bag because of vault space


How good is ur pet? U coulda fed it


Didn’t have fame at the time. Only had 1 chat slot and my warrior in it. Total of 7 fame at the time ecks dee


I know that feeling. Once I had 1 character slot with a 7/8 archer (i think it was 7/8 at the time) at the end of Motmg and i had to lose a ton of FP in tokens cause no fame.


Or drop them. Tears me apart on the inside when people leave sorta rare stuff. But those I would have not cared.


That’s not my whole vault :stuck_out_tongue: just highlights of tradeables.



I call it: “what’s a tomb”


Oof you got hurt by the recent top value plunge badly


nah, dont have them to sell, just wanna build up as many as I can. I give em away for free to guildies and stuff and sometimes to people who ask for them if im not being lazy.