Let's see what you're hoarding! Post your muledumps here


Well you did just give away 8deckers.


“forgot password”?


Not sure what the implication is here. Forgot emails and passwords.


I think he was suggesting you click the “Forgot password?” option when logging in, but that’s not going to work if you don’t have the email addresses anyway.


Ah yes, I spoke with him about it yesterday. I’m reaching out to google to see if they can show me all emails associated with my phone number.



I would post here if there was a way to get a steam account on muledump that wasn’t super complicated


you dont have any cash items? decas, life pots?


I can see some life pots in there


12 tho

i have more and im a fucking idiot


Honestly, this isn’t that complicated to follow. I’d make a youtube tutorial but I don’t have a steam account only version of realm… though I could probably create one… I’ll get back to you on that one within a week or two.

Regardless of a video tutorial, the instructions provided on that github page are pretty self explanatory. I can help you if you have any specific questions.


Recently maxed life on a char, and buying decas and stuff is too annoying


Let me show you the power of flex tape merching.


daily logins are awesome

every month u can get a st item, 1 normal chest, 1 epic chest, a few keys.


Sell me those decas… kek.


I was hella busy this month with schoolwork ;-;
Big rip in the chat


i mean same kinda. i just refreshed muledump once a day, although i forgot one day (rip lvl 20 alts).

rip me, i can never get over 200L because my old supplier kept on cleaning me out. Then combined with all the mana events (fcking have 300 mana, despite selling and wasting a bunch) and the other things (like christmas reskins)


I’ve got 2 dbows in my first 50 udls haha


Sounds like you need more vault space tbh. I’m sitting on 500L pure with like nothing to buy, because things fly off the shelf as fast as I can buy them. I need more bulk suppliers.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


well its more like after is sell everything to life, i get a lot of good offers.

lol, i get like one every 1/15