[LF] Guild (US servers preferred)


Looking for a US Server Guild…

  • Returning player from a 2 year hiatus.
  • No geared/maxed characters right now (killed most when I left).
  • Able to get 2/8 in about 2 weeks.
  • Friendly and devoted.
  • Relearning some of the basics of the game.
  • Rebuilding from deaths.


How often do you voice chat :thinking:


I don’t really voice chat often, but If it’s absolutely needed I would do it.


Cool! If you are interested you can apply to Regal Lords, we are a voice chat based friendship guild that frequently opens dungeons :slight_smile:



I’m interested in joining your guild, can you send me the application


It’s on the guild realmeye profile but if you wanna save some clicks here it is: https://goo.gl/UW3Vra


I can’t find your discord information, could you DM me? Shiina#3816


Cant seem to find you either


Sent you an FR found u thru LB


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