Library Lore Thread


Oh wow, I didn’t know that was a thing. That’s actually really cool!


No answers for me! :sob:


try no capitals, maybe?


Are we sure there are any prompts for UTs? I’ve never seen this thing talk about any item that wasn’t tiered equipment.

I’m also not sure there are any lines for rings. I’ve tried “Ring of Exalted Health” but to no avail.


I’m fairly sure it’s exclusive to tiered weapons, various monsters, bosses, dungeons, and the Library’s own UTs.

Not sure about abilities, but I don’t think they’re included either.
Regardless, the weapons already make up for 15 (all tiers have a prompt!) * 15 = 225 prompts.
…I think.


There aren’t 15 weapon types though, only 6. So even with 15 tiers to choose from, you’d only have 90 prompts.


Wow I’m an idiot - I put the second 15 because of the fact that there are 15 classes…
I slept like 6 hours last night, as well as previous ones, so that may influence it…





Encore Lore


Funny how the puppets that ‘actually’ have souls can be ignored and trampled over by anyone, while his four puppets that he seeks to bring to the state of his past puppets are a pain for quite a few minutes if you don’t have quite a few people… This the Limon-is-OP-logic smh


psure its more just that void entity jacked him and his puppets up tho


Looks like someone finally got it.


Dayum, more Goblin Lair hints.

You know, if you want to be really evil, encode something with a matrix, then revert them to letters ;)




Dr Terrible


this is a pretty interesting lore entry title…

Edit: what? now I can’t show what was said in a screenshot?


Has anyone done Doom Bow yet? I can’t seem to find it here, tried ctrl+f


All the whites I tried have no answer.


As far as I know, answers are from:

  • Tiered weapons (including T14)
  • Event Gods
  • Dungeons and their respective bosses
  • Easter egg-like things (f.e. secret sheep level)


there r t15 weapons in the game files?