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Aha! Another typo, last line of the Ocean Trench:

[…] the Ocean Trench was the grave


Got it, thanks.


Demon Edge

Jewel Eye Katana


t11-13 have already been done.




Do you think the cursed amulet of zombification would come up with anything?


Son of Arachna

Swoll Fairy


Nightmare Colony

Masked Party God

Nikao the Defiler

Limoz the Plague Bearer

Megamoth Larva / Mammoth Megamoth / Murderous Megamoth

Stone Guardians

Edit: Stone Guardians, second last line the “are” is cut off in game (it goes under the sidebar UI thingy) not sure if that can be fixed. Everything typed up on the doc to this point, thanks Textbook and GBSlayer especially for typing A TON!! ;0


Unfortunately, the formatting varies based on different browsers/places to play the game due to font differences. What may seem to fit perfectly fine on my end can get slightly squashed into the sidebar for others, and it’s virtually impossible to account for. Sorry about that! Hopefully it won’t be an issue post-Unity with appropriate UI changes.


Just a quick question: someone posted that once this hits prod, there will be an XML (or something) containing all the dialogue that the Realm Eye can speak. Is this the case? If yes, I feel like it’d be kinda anticlimactic to spoon-feed the community answers instead of having them go on a treasure hunt much like the Master Rat when sewers came out.


All the lines are on the Realm Eye’s XML yes but they are behaviors and all behaviors get stripped from the client so you’ll have no way to get a list for them, just like no one had any idea of Master Rat’s answers before they were found out.


What Kidd said is correct, though I want to provide an extra example for clarity.

<State id="Pirate Cave">
	<State id="Talk1">
		<Behavior text="Dreadstump’s ragtag crew of pirates once ravaged the realm’s shores. Reckless and consistently drunk, they one day crashed into an inlet on the shoreline." bubbleTime="6" broadcast="true">Say</Behavior>
		<Transition afterTime="5">Talk2</Transition>
	<State id="Talk2">
		<Behavior text="The stranded swashbucklers used the wreckage of their galleon to assemble a makeshift network of wooden planks around the cove." bubbleTime="6" broadcast="true">Say</Behavior>
		<Transition afterTime="5">Talk3</Transition>
	<State id="Talk3">
		<Behavior text="Over time, this improvised hideout earned a reputation among seafaring criminal circles as a safe haven for drinking, free from Oryx’s oppression." bubbleTime="6" broadcast="true">Say</Behavior>
	<Transition afterTime="15">Conclude</Transition>

This is the basic structure for all of the Realm Eye’s responses. For each line, the text is an attribute of the Say behavior, not stored as a string. Like other object behaviors, it’s not publicly visible by decompiling the client.


Excellent! Thanks for the answer (Kiddforce as well), it feels somewhat unfair that we were able to grind a bunch of answers during the testing period but I guess there’s still 80 more to be found once it hits prod!

(who’s up to go beholder slaughtering with me :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:)

Edit: @AKLDragon yup, I guess that’s where most of the 80 is coming from. Idk, GB did that count of 171 on the document but I trust it.
Edit2: whoops forgot some new entries were added, ~180/250 is what we’re at :slight_smile:


Unless someone did them, we still need most of the lower tiered weapons for daggers, staffs, swords, wands and bows.

(also me, in prod I actually dont get the whites for free. Lore Squad!)


I’m down, but I’ll prob just end up leeching cause of lag.


I know I’m bumping this thread, but I updated the wiki page with ~40% of what we’ve got right now.


Necromantis this threadus! (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚,


No U


Does anyone know if XIL is a prompt or is it not part of lore yet. I really want to see a xil dungeon sometime


Doesn’t seem like it does. I think Deca has put that one on the backburner.
As in, the very, very back of the backburner.


Thats too bad I always thought that was aninteresting part of the lore


Guys this was a while back @moderators close this thread soon


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