Lil' Davy pet description is wrong


I was looking at my pet yard and was like wait isnt davy only obtainable by getting the skin?


[Edit: I’ve moved this into its own topic as it seems to be plain wrong info on the pet skin that hopefully Deca can fix. -Nevov]

Trivial Issues Thread

@Nevov oh ok thanks
Edit: i considered it trivial bc it doesn’t really change anything
I checked on my mule (does not have the skin) and it says that it is NOT obtainable


it’s bugged for most things, the problem isn’t with the pet, it’s with the category


Basically just use the pet skin display on the right to figure out the rarity of obtaining a skin through hatching or fusion (or use the wiki), the preview on the left has been glitched since who knows when.

Here’s a reddit comment I made a while back about this issue.


this is honestly a very big issue as it can make ppl feed their skins instead of using them.


Also recently noticed that apparently you can get the PPE KNight pet skin through fusing


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