Limon(Sprite World) has got to be changed


I entered the boss room, then got jumped on by Limon and immediately instantly popped. Could Sprite World be changed?


Nooo rip. That almost happened to me on my archer, he ran through my paralyze and got paralyzed on me, was under 10 hp. Dunno how I can help u tho


Did you shoot a paralyse shot before you got popped?


Why does it have to be changed though?
Just because you died from what I’m assuming is a slight delay in the paralyze and not having maxed def?

The sprite world is not a hard dungeon it is a low-level god lands dungeon that is quite well balanced and is a unique fight with the moving tiles, there is no need to change it.


I paralyzed Limon, right before it jumped me, so the paralyze didn’t render until it jumped on me


I don’t think a two star dungeon should be able to instantly kill you


Why not?


If your not maxed def you should for sure, thats the fun in a perma death game my friend. You can go into a snake pit 8/8 with a decent pet and the big snakes when they stack shots can get you down very quickly which is why we have to always be aware and dodge.

It’s absolutely fair.


Jot that down in your mind for next time you’re in a sprite world and don’t do it again.


Because other higher-level dungeons can’t instantly kill you. For example, if you sit on Malphas the Archdemon in his 1st phase, you should be able to tank it for 3-4 seconds. And seeing that you cannot tank one of Limon’s shotguns, it seems rather odd and out of place


Large snakes can’t exactly instantly kill you…


Yeah, I guess that’s the way to go at this point…

  • Abby enemies can pop an 8/8 easily
  • Septavious destroys even maxed melees
  • Stheno can instakill you if you sit on her (the reason I mention this is because paralysing a moving enemy with a potent shotgun at hand is about as smart as sitting on a boss)
  • Lib bookwyrms


YESSSSSSS dude this just happened to me like 3 days ago on an 8/8 sorc on my alt SLIMxSHADY. R.I.P yo.


About 2 years ago, on my alt, I died on an 8/8 warrior to stheno dagger phase cuz I was tryna stuff her ass with a reskin dblade lmao.


I was gonna say, you’d have to sit there and let them kill you LoL.


Which Abby enemies? I do not contest the other points you made, I got popped by a bookwyrm the other day


It would be nice is sprtie world was reworked, not because of the boss fight, just because of how damn annoying it is when you get slowed and need to move through a corridor on a platform trying to push you back, makes me really hate doing sprites on anything other than a plane rogue or trickster.


It completely baffles me that a boss like this can have a massive inconsistency for no good reason - with a very random trigger that’s not telegraphed to the player in any way and people will tell you to get good and ‘don’t do it again’. Flashbacks to people being cocky and defending some of the trash-tier content back in the Wildshadow days 9yrs ago.

@Twitchystr This is not an angry rebuttal (please do not mistake my tone), just my counterpoints:

  • Demons in the abyss being able to kill you is in no way comparable to a boss that activates a random instakill phase without telegraphing. If the argument has become about what can kill you and what can’t, I’d say both parties are making a mistake by framing it that way.
  • Septavius and Stheno don’t jump on you in any big way, and neither of them change their behaviour completely when they are afflicted by a status effect.
  • Lib Bookwyrms are poop, like all ‘instapop’ design enemies that move fast and I’ll die on that hill


it’s very consistent, u fucks you’re day up if you paralyze it on you. 100% of the time