Loading/Disconnection Glitch


Hello fellow realms todays glitch that appeared, is when I tried to load up public testing. Public Testing has a glitch where when you start, it up it basically loads for a long time. Thats not it once it loads it will show you have been disconnected you press ok there is no other, option and it disconnects you again doesn’t stop. Resulting in not being able to play public testing, which we should be able to do. If someone can get on this it would be awesome. This would help a lot

  • Sincerely Hmizz


Public testing is still down…It’s been down for a long time, very long time.


I was just on testing half an hour ago. If you can change servers, try EU.


Might be a problem that’s plagued it since Flash days, there is only one testing server, in the US, so if your game defaults to the EU it will fail to connect.

In the Flash client you could return to the front end and find the correct server. But Exalt/Unity does not have a front-end in the client, and the launcher does not have an option to specify the server.

It seems to use the same settings as the main client, so you could first go into production and choose I think USWest4. I got that from my settings, which you could also edit: on Mac these are at.


The server is listed under bestServer and is not hard to find.


Incorrect, there are three; ironically, the US server is the one that curretly apppears to be bugged.
Try setting your “bestServer” value to either EUWestT1 or AsiaSouthEastT1.


Ah, thanks. It used to be there was only one, and those of us in the EU had to manually select it. Makes much more sense to have more, for proper testing. Now you mention it testing is far more reasonable from the EU - previously it was too laggy to test some aspects of the game.


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